Baby Meets Boxer Puppies

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See the adorable interaction that takes place when a baby meets a pair of boxer puppies.  What an interesting experience for all of them!



At Life With Dogs, we do not promote breeding or tail docking.  Dogs are beautiful the way they are born, and there are millions of shelter animals in need of homes.







13 thoughts on “Baby Meets Boxer Puppies”

  1. What a sweet bunch of little meatballs, I love Boxers, they are the clowns of the canine world, and will be life long friends with this little cherub.

  2. It is refreshing to see the caption because it is the exact reaction I have to these videos. I love watching because I love dogs and they’re filled with such joy as pups. Yet I feel by watching I’m condoning breeding and purchasing when I absolutely abhor it. It’s one of the worst things existing in the world today. So if we all just keep working on better laws to protect dogs and close down pet stores and make the sale of puppies illegal, we can all truly enjoy them without millions suffering.

    • Ok. Let’s do it your way.
      Ban breeding.
      Ban puppies.
      Only adopt.

      Well, with no births, then in about 20 years –> NO pets, the existing ones all having died and not been replaced by any new births. Complete annihilation — man-made extinction — of all dogs.

      Get a clue. Breeding is NOT inherently evil. It is the abuse of it via puppy mills and the like that is evil. Ban them, not all breeding.

      • I have a clue, and it’s called homeless pets. If breeding exists, it should be monitored. I’m so sick of people making money from forcing animals to generate litter after litter. There will NEVER be a shortage of dogs, but there seems to be a constant supply of people who don’t understand the problem.

        • Sorry Sadscar, you’re wrong about your emphasis on “never.” That is the same attitude people had about our nation’s wildlife. They thought wildlife populations were so abundant we would never have to worry about extinctions. We’ll guess what, common species are no longer common and the list of animals on the endangered species list is growing. So why would you think it isn’t possible for domestic species to disappear as well? You are right about one thing. There are people breeding dogs who should be stopped due to abuse and unethical treatment but those are a select group within the whole of dog breeders. To punish all for the offense of the few is misguided and in fact circumvents efforts to solve the problem of abuses and abandoned pets.

    • Wow! You are living with tunnel vision and it’s clear by your response you have no understanding of the facts about why we have a shelter problem and what it takes to solve it! But you keep going off emotion and hype in your small world by blaming one group for everything when it’s far more complex than that. So glad there are more informed people working to solve this problem and yes there are very good breeders involved in that effort. What are you doing to help that effort besides bashing the easiest group?

  3. I see dogs sniff butts of other dogs, lick poop on the ground, sniff rotten stuff and lick nose and even eat their own poop sometimes…and everyone thinks letting a dog French kiss you is cool…OK.


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