It Took Two Years but Nani the Missing Dog Is Back Home

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Nani, a Shih Tzu from New Palestine, Ind., went missing two years ago when someone left the back yard’s gate open and the pet ran out.. Paula Wilcher, the dog’s owner, searched for her pet, but after weeks of coming up empty she simply gave up.

Luck would have it that two years later Wilcher and Nani would be reunited once again. A local animal rescue called the pet owner to inform her they had her long lost pet.



“I said are you missing your Nani?” Betty Wilkins, owner of Frenzy Animal Rescue told Fox News 59, and Wilcher said, “Well Betty, I’ve been missing that dog for two years!”

The reunion was made possible because Nani had been microchipped. Ironically, she was picked up as a stray just a few miles away from her home, but thanks to that chip, Nani found her way back home.