Badly Neglected Dog Rescued & Makes Miraculous Recovery

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1.1.14 - Nathan's Rescue & Recovery6

In November, a very badly neglected dog was found tied up by his rescuers. The skeletal boy, called Nathan, barely had fur and was covered in bed sores. Because of the care and compassion of the team at Sunny Meadows rescue, Nathan has been able to recover and is now in search of a forever home.

Memphis, Tennessee rescuers who came across the miserable boy could only guess at the horrors he had known. He was tied up and had been abandoned.

His emaciated body was scantly covered in hair, giving him no protection from parasites or the elements. He weighed a meager 35 pounds, and had pressure sores on his hindquarters, likely from being forced to sit on a hard surface for extended periods of time.

1.1.14 - Nathan's Rescue & Recovery2

Nathan was tied up to a business and found by a dear friend and foster dad to four of Sunny Meadows’ senior babies. We have searched ALL cameras in the area where he was found and all we could see was a man running from the location…sadly not enough to prosecute and no other leads.”

Vets determined that Nathan’s lack of fur was not from mange, but malnutrition. He was also riddled with parasites, including heartworm.

1.1.14 - Nathan's Rescue & Recovery3

On December 16, Sunny Meadows reported: “Nathan and Sunny Meadows would like to thank EVERYONE who has donated to us in Nathan’s care. Today you guys have helped raised close to $10,000! We are so happy that we have such great supporters. Nathan will need every dime to help with his heartworm treatment, extensive dentals, blood work, specialty food, and more. We thank you! Nathan thanks you!”

He has since been taken into a foster home, where he has come miles from how he was found. Little by little, Nathan is recuperating and becoming the dog he deserves to be.

1.1.14 - Nathan's Rescue & Recovery7

He has really filled out and is looking great! He’s sores are healing perfectly and even his fur is coming in all around. Need more stuff n fluff on his tail, but that will take some more time.”

Nathan still hasn’t found his forever home. If you live in the Memphis area and would like to adopt him, please visit Sunny Meadows.

1.1.14 - Nathan's Rescue & Recovery4





7 thoughts on “Badly Neglected Dog Rescued & Makes Miraculous Recovery”

  1. What a beautiful boy. Humans have a lot to answer for in this world. I hope someone adopts him and gives him more love than he knows what to do with.

  2. God bless this sweet creature! All 3 of mine are rescued and i just couldnt imagine doing that to a soul I chose to save!

  3. Why cant the rescuers keep him? Poor baby just developed his first good relationship with humans it would seem extra difficult to me to find him another good human. Good luck and I hope he finds a forever home. Wonderful humans to have tried and succeded in saving this animal, he will return the favor – no doubt.

    • A failed foster home that becomes a permanent home is cause for mixed feelings, often more sad than glad. Thousands of dogs need foster homes and there are so few available. If Nathan stays there, who is going to take the next foster that would have gone into that space? Nathan needs a home so the space is open for another foster.

  4. Jesus!!! Jesus!! Why oh why would someone do this???!!!!!!
    Its so sad!!! I thank God or whomever for the people who helped this poor angel.
    I’m so glad he’s ok now.
    Who are these people??that allow this to happen?? Please let’s change the laws. How can I help. This breaks my heart beyond fixing. I love all animals. What makes me so different from these cruel people. Is it a gene?? If so, let’s breed it out of the human race. I don’t understand how all babies are born in the world full of love and kindness then some become so mean and cruel. Wtf happened to these people so they take it out on poor innocent animals. I just don’t get it.!!!!!!!! 🙁


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