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Belgian Malinois Is Best Friends with an Owl

by Melanie

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10.25.15 - Owl Bestie3


It comes as no surprise that dogs make friends with many different species – they are curious, compassionate, adaptable, and fun-loving.  We have seen dogs who are friends with elephants, lions, and emus – but it’s not every day that you see a dog whose bestie is an owl!

German photographer and collage artist Tanja Brandt has captured the heart-touching friendship between Ingo the dog and Poldi the owl in a number of stunning settings.


10.25.15 - Owl Bestie4




10.25.15 - Owl Bestie5





10.25.15 - Owl Bestie7




10.25.15 - Owl Bestie8




10.25.15 - Owl Bestie9




10.25.15 - Owl Bestie10






10.25.15 - Owl Bestie12



10.25.15 - Owl Bestie13




10.25.15 - Owl Bestie14




10.25.15 - Owl Bestie1.1




10.25.15 - Owl Bestie2