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Blind Man Paints the Most Beautiful Dog Portraits

by Melanie

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10.25.15 - Blind Man Paints the Most Beautiful Dog Portraits0002

John Bramblitt developed epilepsy at age 11, and by 30 he was blind because of it.  But losing his sight gave him a tremendous vision; he took up painting, and makes the most amazing paintings – all by his sense of touch!

“When I lost my sight I began to learn how to use senses in new ways to accomplish tasks I was used to doing with my eyes,” he told the Daily Mail.

“I began painting because I wanted to reconnect with people; to let people know even though I have epilepsy, even though I am blind, I’m still me in here.

10.25.15 - Blind Man Paints the Most Beautiful Dog Portraits0001

“The recognition my painting and workshops has brought has meant more connections with an incredible number of brilliant people from all over. It gives me a great optimism for the future.”

He uses a special kind of fabric paint that has raised edges, which allow him sketch an outline of his work.  Then he touches the canvas and fills in the outline.  Different colors have different textures.

He explains in detail to the Huffington Post how he is able to “see” the world around him and transfer it to the canvas.

"Debbie Blank | The Herald-Tribune John Bramblitt encourages seventh-graders Jayden Rose (left) and Lily Esser. The artist also mentored students at Batesville primary, intermediate and high schools during a visit organized by the Rural Alliance for the Arts for its Arts in Education Program."
Debbie Blank | The Herald-Tribune

Though he paints all sorts of things, his guide dog Echo serves as inspiration for a number of his paintings.  Now he has tons of dog paintings!

Bramblitt has even inspired others to learn to paint using his techniques and teaches classes.

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