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Best Dog Leashes For Big Dogs – Durable and Reliable Choices

by Alison Page

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Walking a large dog can be a challenge without the right leash. Even a huge hound with impeccable leash manners can tug you right off your feet in a moment of overexcitement.

So, what kind of leash is the best choice for an extra-large dog?

Read our reviews and buyer’s guide to discover the best big dog leash for super-sized pups.

Here are Our Top 7 Best Dog Leashes For Big Dogs

1. Impact Ballistic Nylon Dog LeashBest Heavy-Duty Leash

2. Diggs LeashBest Luxury Leash

3. Fablepets Magic LinkPractical and Versatile

4. Frisco Solid Nylon Dog LeashBest Budget Big Dog Leash

5. Four Paws Cotton Web Dog Training LeadBest Long Training Lead

6. Neewa Adjustable Dog LeashHigh-Quality Sporting Dog Leash

7. Bungee Dog LeashBest For Strong Dogs

Top 7 Dog Leashes For Big Dogs Reviews

Walking with a large dog that pulls you around can be a nightmare if you don’t have the right leash.

To save your aching arms and sore fingers, we’ve tracked down and reviewed seven of the best big dog leashes! 

1. Impact Ballistic Nylon Dog Leash

Impact Dog Leash

Chew-proof, heavy-duty Ballistic nylon

Lightweight and comfortable to hold

Superior strength and durability

The Impact dog leash is made using heavy-duty, military-spec Ballistic Nylon for excellent durability, strength, and safety. 

This sturdy leash features a comfortable dual-loop handle, making the leash tug-resistant, and the steel carabiner-style clasp keeps even the strongest dog securely under control. The secondary handle enables you to shorten the leash quickly, providing excellent control at busy intersections or during an off-leash dog confrontation situation. 


• Made from heavy-duty Ballistic nylon

• Comfortable dual-loop handle

• Super strong and sturdy leash


• Quite expensive but well worth the money

2. Diggs Leash

Diggs Leash

Range of colors

Lightweight but strong

Easy to clean and odor-resistant nylon leash

This beautiful, elegant dog leash from Diggs is made from premium, silky-touch-coated nylon for a comfortable and easy grip.

The leash has a 360-degree swiveling snap hook to prevent tangling. In addition, the leash features a handy D-ring close to the handle to carry accessories, such as a poop bag dispenser.

The leash’s waterproof coated exterior makes the leash easy to clean and odor-resistant. 


• Easy to clean

• Elegant, attractive leash

• Range of colors available


• Not ideal for dogs that like to chew or bite the leash

3. Fablepets Magic Link

Fable Magic Link

Durable, dog-proof materials

Easy to clean

Versatile and practical

The Magic Link from Fablepets is a versatile device that can be used as a hands-free dog leash, a belt for you, and a slip-on collar. The design is perfect for you if you have a well-mannered, leash-trained dog that will walk calmly and reliably on his leash without pulling you in all directions.

The Magic Link is a strong leash that’s made from an industrial-strength cord, featuring premium-quality black aluminum hardware. You can clean the leash simply and quickly by wiping away dirt and allowing it to air dry.


• Strong, durable materials

• Ideal for hands-free walking

• Comes in several sizes


• Not ideal for dogs that are not reliably leash-trained or determined pullers

4. Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Leash

Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Leash

Wide range of weights and lengths

Range of colors

Durable and strong

Just because you have a big dog that doesn’t mean you have to spend the earth on a specialty leash for him!

This leash from Frisco comes in at under just $8 and is perfect for dogs weighing as much as 80 pounds. The leash comes in a range of weights and lengths, as well as a nice choice of bright colors.

The nickel-coated heavy-duty snap hook closure ensures that the leash connection won’t fail, making this the ideal choice for large, heavy giant breed dogs and puppies. The leash features a loop handle, making it easy and comfortable to hold.


• Wide range of sizes and lengths

• Choice of colors

• Budget-friendly


• Some purchasers report the leash is of variable quality and didn’t last long

5. Four Paws Cotton Web Dog Training Lead

Four Paws Cotton Web Dog Training Lead

Extra-long leash, available in various lengths

Ideal for training purposes

Excellent value for money

If you have a leash-trained dog that loves to wander and enjoys a good sniff, this extra-long cotton leash could be the ideal choice for you and your pup.

Not everyone has access to off-leash areas for their dogs, and extendable leashes are not the best choice for very large, powerful dogs. So, this long training leash makes an excellent alternative.

The long leash comes in various extra-long lengths, including 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet, and 30 feet long, making this a popular choice for horse owners, too.


• Available in various extra-long lengths

• Budget-friendly option

• Swivel bronze snap clip gives you more freedom on your regular walks


• This leash is not suitable for confirmed chewers

6. Neewa Adjustable Dog Leash

Neewa Adjustable Dog Leash

Two lengths to choose from

Adjustable length

Double polypropylene webbing for super strength

Neewa is a European company that manufactures premium-quality dog gear designed for canine-inclusive sports, such as sled dog racing, running, and cycling.

This adjustable dog leash is designed to be used as a dog running or classic training leash. The leash is made from double polypropylene, high-density webbing for maximum durability and strength.

You can adjust the leash to different lengths to suit what activity you’re planning on doing with your dog. The leash is made using hypoallergenic, entirely recyclable materials.


• Long length and adjustable

• Available in several attractive colors

• Made using allergy-friendly, recyclable materials


• Quite pricey and won’t suit chewers or strong pullers

7. Bungee Dog Leash

OneTigris Bungee Dog Leash Tactical Dog Training Leash

Bungee leash designed for large dogs

Robust 1,000-denier nylon construction

Includes traffic control handle

This bungee-style training leash is designed with large, powerful dogs of at least 80 pounds in mind. 

For extra strength, the leash is made from 1,000-denier, high-quality webbing with shock-absorbing capacity. The leash extends from 33.5 inches to 46.5 inches while maintaining a degree of tension so that you can give your dog more freedom during walks while remaining in control.

The leash features a handy traffic control handle that allows you to rein in your dog when necessary.


• Designed for dogs weighing 80 pounds or more

• Extends to 46.5 inches for extra freedom and optimum comfort

• Traffic control padded handle design for comfort


• The leash is probably not chew-proof

• Not suitable for extreme or aggressive pullers

What To Consider When Choosing A Leash For Your Large Dog

Leashes come in many different styles, and choosing the best one for your large dog can be confusing for pet parents.

Here are a few considerations to bear in mind before parting with your cash.

Leash Style

Very large dogs need a wide, heavy leash that gives you a good degree of control. For that reason, we don’t recommend using an extendable leash for your super-sized pup. 

If an 80-pound-plus dog suddenly takes off, you have very little hope of retaining control of your huge hound on an extendable leash. That could present a danger to you, your dog, and anyone in the immediate vicinity.

My first dog was a German Shepherd crossbreed, who I rehomed from a local shelter. Bruce was a big, heavy, exuberant dog who could pull you to the moon and back again without even trying!

When he first arrived home, Bruce had a habit of biting his leash. So, I started training him with a chain leash attached to his harness. Although the chain was quite heavy, my dog couldn’t chew it, so the idea worked well. Once Bruce had been trained to walk on his leash in a mannerly fashion, I reverted to using a regular, heavyweight nylon leash.

Leash Length and Weight

Dog Pulling on a Leash outdoor

The larger and heavier your dog, the heavier the weight of the leash needs to be. 

Ideally, you want a leash that’s between 4 and 6 feet long, wide, and made from a thick material. Regular leashes for large dogs are typically around 1 inch in diameter.

Basically, you want a leash that gives you the levels of control you need during your daily walks.

Different Materials

Leashes can come in several different materials. Heavy-duty nylon webbing is generally the most popular leash material, being strong and washable. However, you can also buy braided rope, leather, chain, and even cable leashes.

If you tend to walk your dog early in the morning or late in the evening when the light is poor, you might want to look for a leash that has reflective stitching for safety. 

The leash should have a comfortable handle. The last thing you want is to develop blisters and calluses on your fingers while out walking your dog. If you have a reactive dog, you’ll want a durable leash that’s long enough and has an ergonomic handle that’s comfortable for you to hold.

If you want to look smart while you’re out and about with your furry friend, there are some awesome colors or bright color combinations to choose from. Alternatively, a black color option might be more what you’re looking for. If you really want to cut a dash at the dog park, some natty leashes even come in Flexi neon color schemes!

Extra Features

Dog walker strides with his pet on leash

Some leashes offer additional features that can be handy, such as D rings that you can fix a poop bag holder too.

A leash with a double handle can be a useful training tool, as that enables you to walk your dog on a 1-foot or 6-foot leash, depending on what you want to do with your dog. If you take nighttime walks with your pup, a leash featuring reflective thread or hi-viz inserts can be a good choice.

Obviously, you don’t want the leash to fail, especially if you have a large dog that pulls. So, look for a leash with heavy-duty metal hardware, such as a solid bronze snap swivel or nickel-coated bolt snap closure that won’t fail.

Although leashes offering extra features tend to be more expensive than regular leashes, you generally get what you pay for, and the extra few dollars in outlay is well worth the benefits you get in return.


In this part of our guide, we answer a few of the questions most commonly asked by people looking for a leash for their super-sized canine companion.

Q: Are retractable leashes good for big dogs?

A: A retractable leash can be a good option if you have a large dog that’s reliable and obedient on the leash. The dog must also come straight back to you every time when you call him. 

The main danger of using a retractable leash for a large dog is that there’s a danger you could be pulled off your feet if the dog is more powerful than you are. Your dog could get loose and cause an accident, and you could be badly injured.

Q: What leashes do vets use?

A: Most vet centers and shelters use a slip leash or martingale leash. 

In the vet center I worked in, we always used that style of leash. The slip leash is easy and quick to put on and can be used for short-term control.

Q: Is it better to walk a dog with a lead or harness?

A: We recommend using a harness and leash combination for training and walking your dog. The harness should be removed for safety reasons when the dog is in his crate or loose in your home.

By law, in most states, your dog must wear a collar to carry his ID and rabies vaccination tags. However, if you attach the leash directly to your dog’s collar, there’s a chance he could sustain a neck injury if he lunges or pulls. In addition, the collar could come right over the dog’s head if he pulls violently backward, leaving you with a loose dog and a big problem.

Q: Is a thick or thin leash better?

A: Your dog’s size and weight will influence your choice of the best leash. Generally, small, lightweight dogs that don’t pull need a thinner leash than larger, heavier dogs. 

If the dog pulls hard, a thin leash will cut into your hand and fingers, causing discomfort and potentially inflicting painful leash burns. So, if you have a very large dog, a thicker leash is a safer choice. 

In addition, thick leashes typically look more aesthetically pleasing on a big dog than thin, flimsy ones.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our reviews and buyer’s guide to leashes for big dogs? If you did, please take a moment to share it with other owners of huge hounds!

Of the big dog leashes we looked at, our favorite is the Neewa adjustable dog leash. This excellent quality leash comes in two lengths and is adjustable, giving you the flexibility you need for dog running or simply strolling around your neighborhood.

The double polypropylene leash is super-strong and durable and is made from hypoallergenic materials, which are completely recyclable, too. Choose from a range of bright colors to complement your dog’s collar, harness, and outdoor clothing.

What extra-large dog breed do you own? Tell us what type of lead you favor for your pet in the comments box below.

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