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Best Leash For Two Dogs – Top Picks For Walking Multiple Pets

by Anoushka Shetty

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A fantastic way to bond with all of your animals is to take them out on walks simultaneously. To do so, you need a high-quality dual dog leash. 

A dual dog leash has 2 hooks to connect to 2 dog collars. This way, you can walk multiple dogs, even of different sizes. 

An alternative to a dual leash is a coupler which is a rope with 2 hooks that connect to a regular leash. This is a fantastic option if you already have a favorite leash you can’t live without. 

We’ve compiled some of the best dual dog leashes & couplers on the market. These products are economical, heavy-duty, & super reliable!

Here are Our Top 6 Best Leashes For Two Dogs

1. iYo Shop Dual Dog LeashBest Overall

2. Vastar Store Double Dog Leash ExtenderBest Affordable Leash

3. Vivaglory Double Dog LeashBest Bungee Leash

4. GoTags Personalized Dual Dog LeashBest Personalized Leash

5. Wigzi Dual Doggie Retractable LeashBest Retractable Leash

6. Wigzi Doggie Gel Rope LeashMost Ergonomic Leash

Top Dual Dog Leash Reviews

1. iYo Shop Dual Dog Leash

iYoShop Dual Dog Leash Double Dog Leash

1/2 inch thickness rope leash

Double bungee extension

Padded handle

This product is a simple, high-quality product that will satisfy all your needs if you want to take your pups on a tandem walk. 

The iYo Shop Dual Dog Leash is made of a high-quality, shock-absorbing bungee climbing rope that can hold a ton of weight without tearing. 

The stitching has a plastic protector that ensures it will last you many years. The handle is thickly padded, so the circulation on your fingers won’t cut off. Plus, there is a waste-bag ring that you could use for a doggy bag dispenser, a treat bag, or to hold a water bottle. 

This double dog leash has a 360º swivel leash attachment & reflective thread stitching, so you won’t be stumbling around in the dark to untangle your leash. 

The double leash comes in 10 unique color variations; you’re bound to find the perfect style to please even the most fashionable pup. It also has 2 size options, for both big & small dogs. 

However, some customer reviews complained that the lead doesn’t give the dogs a lot of space to run away from each other. This can cause lunging in younger dogs. Plus, some said that the hardware isn’t that durable & can break easily when used with larger dogs.


• Made of high-quality bungee climbing rope that doesn’t fray

• Leash extension swivel to prevent tangling

• Stitching is covered with a plastic protector to prevent fraying


• Hardware isn’t durable and breaks when used with larger dogs

• The 2 leads are a bit short, so dogs don’t have that much space to run away from each other

2. Vastar Store Double Dog Leash Extender

Vastar Double Dog Walker Leash

Bivector traction

Very low price

Made of 1-inch, durable nylon

Already have a favorite leash you’re not ready to part with? The Vastar Double-Dog Leash extender could be the solution to your problems.

This product is just an extender you can clip on an existing leash, that separates into 2 smaller leads. So, this best-rated, buyer-approved leash is also super affordable compared to the other options. 

This lead allows bivector traction, which means that the dogs can separate pretty far, and you will still be able to pull them in. This gives you tons of control, in case you have a rowdy pair of pooches.

This double leash attachment is made of a durable, 1-inch thick material that won’t rip with force. The hardware is rust-resistant, durable, and strong. 

Plus, the length of this lead is adjustable, so you can decide how much freedom you want to give your dogs. This is great if you are still training your pup and you need to keep them close to you.

Each side of the lead can hold 110 pounds, so you can even use this adjustable leash for a Great Dane!

However, customer reviews have stated that the adjustable mechanism is not durable and break easily. After it breaks, the leash is still usable, but you can’t re-adjust the length anymore. Plus, there is only 1 available color option, which is quite limited compared to other options. 


• Made of 1-inch, durable nylon

• Adjustable length

• Leash allows for bivector traction & holds up to 110 pounds on each side

• Super affordable


• Adjustable buckle is easy to break

• Very limited color options

3. Vivaglory Double Dog Leash

VIVAGLORY Double Dog Leash

360º swivel hook

Traffic handles

Durable nylon with reflective threading

A bungee leash is a fantastic way to give your dog a little extra freedom, so it’s great for dogs that are better leash-trained. If you’re looking for a good bungee leash, we recommend the Vivaglory option. 

This lead is made of heavy-duty materials that won’t rip, even if you have a big dog that lunges. There is a wide, padded, comfortable loop handle that won’t cause rope burn. 

With bungee leashes, there is a risk that you won’t be able to quickly pull your dog away from a dangerous situation. So, that’s why this lead has traffic handles near the hooks. You can pull on these additional handles to immediately shorten the leash. 

So, you can also use this for a dog that isn’t well trained on the leash & still lunges. 

There is a 360º swivel hook that prevents tangles & lasts super long. 

What’s unique about this leash is that it is 2-in-1. The leash coupler detaches and you can use just the shorter leash for extra control. You can also connect the leash coupler to another leash. This is great if you already have a leash that your pup prefers more. 

Some of the customer reviews complained that the bungee material tends to stretch out if you have a heavy dog that lunges a lot. Plus, there are no color options, so it’s hard to find a suitable design for your puppy. 


• Made of heavy-duty nylon with double-sided reflective stitching

• Traffic Handle Portions

• 360-degree swivel hook to prevent tangling


• Bungee material tends to stretch out

• No color options

4. GoTags Personalized Dual Dog Leash

GoTags Personalized Dual Dog Leash Coupler

3 color options & 14 thread color options

Add 16 characters

Durable nylon & stainless-steel metal hardware

If you want your dogs to look as stylish as possible, consider getting this GoTags personalized dog leash. 

This lead has 3 color options & 14 thread colors, so you can find a color scheme that best suits your pup.

It is available in 2 sizes: large, which is 1 inch thick & small, which is 5/8 inch thick. No matter what size dogs you have, you can most definitely use this product & choose the perfect width.

This lead is actually a dual coupler leash, that you can attach to a leash you already own.

This lead can be customized with 16 characters. It is made with durable and comfortable nylon & stainless-steel, heavy-duty hardware. The metal is non-corrosive, so you don’t have to worry about taking your dog out in the rain. 

Our favorite feature about this leash is that it is fully machine-washable, which makes it extremely easy to clean. Plus, the personalized stitching won’t fade in the wash over time.

Some of the reviewers complained that the threading is a little thin & not visible, especially if it is a similar color as the background. Keep that in mind, and try to choose a vibrant, contrasting threading color.  

Also, considering that it is just a double leash attachment, and not a full leash, it is slightly expensive compared to other options. 


• 3 color options & 14 thread color options

• Name personalization- add 16 characters

• Durable nylon & stainless steel clasp


• Some thread colors don’t show up too well on similar colors

• Slightly expensive for just a leash coupler

5. Wigzi Dual Doggie Retractable Leash

Wigzi Dual Doggie Retractable Dog Leash

360-degree swivel

Unique green-orange color combination

Built-in untangling mechanism

A retractable leash is a great way to quickly control how much freedom of movement your puppy has on walks. It allows for quick adjustment of the length of the lead, with just a press of a button. 

This Wigzi Dual Doggie Rectractable leash is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a durable, adjustable lead. 

The maximum length is 10 feet, and you can retract the lead with the press of a button. A feature we love about this lead is the fact that you can control each individual side. The buttons are color-coded, so you know exactly which dog’s lead you are retracting. 

There is also another button you can press that retracts both leads at the same time, in case of an emergency.

The leash also has a comfortable handle & a built-in untangling mechanism.

However, this versatile pull-reducing double dog leash is slightly more expensive than the other options on the market. Moreover, it can only really be used for small to medium dogs, as each side can only hold 50 pounds. 

There is only 1 color option, which is fairly limited compared to other leads.


• Built-in untangling mechanism to prevent stumbling

• Separate leash control on each side

• Bright green & orange color scheme

• Comfortable, ergonomic handle


• Slightly expensive compared to other options

• Only suitable for dogs 50 pounds and under

• 1 Color option

6. Wigzi Doggie Gel Rope Leash

Wigzi Dual Doggie Gel Rope Dog Leash

Gel-filled handle for maximum comfort

2 size options

Swivel mechanism

If your dog has some issues with leash manners, then you know how much it can hurt your hand to keep on yanking them back. 

What’s great about this lead is that it has a gel-filled handle that acts as a shock absorber. It is also extremely comfortable to hold. This innovative gel handle prevents hand fatigue over the course of long walks

The rope is made of a strong material that won’t rip with use. Also, it has reflective threading, which makes it perfect for night walks as well. The lead has a built-in coupler with a smooth spinning action, to prevent tangling.

There are 2 length options; the larger one has more heavy-duty materials, like larger hooks & ropes. The smaller size is suitable for dogs under 50 pounds & the larger size is suitable for dogs under 200 pounds. 

However, some negatives of this lead that customers have pointed out is that since you can’t put this lead on your wrist, it can be hard to hold on to the full weight of two 200-pound dogs. 

Also, some say that the swiveling mechanism doesn’t really work & the lead still gets tangled if you have active dogs.


• Gel-filled handle allows for maximum comfort

• 2 size options- for dogs under 50 pounds & dogs under 200 pounds

• Swivel mechanism to prevent tangling


• Swivel hardware doesn’t work too well in some cases

• Hard to hold on to the lead if you have larger dogs

Commonly Asked Questions

Can you leash-train 2 dogs at the same time?

If you want to save time, you might be wondering if you can leash-train 2 dogs at the same time. It’s pretty hard to train 2 pups at the same time because if you correct one dog, you have to correct the other. 

It’s a bit easier if you have a leash that can retract only 1 side at a time.

Otherwise, I would only recommend taking your canines out on a tandem walk if they have basic leash manners already. They should know the heel command, they should quickly turn their heads away from a distraction if you call their names, and they shouldn’t lunge.

If it isn’t working you can also just use 2 separate leashes on the same hand. This will allow for the greatest control over each individual puppy.

Should I walk my 2 dogs separately?

Adult dogs walking in a leash

No, it’s not dangerous to walk your 2 dogs together. The only thing to keep in mind is if you have 2 dogs with a massive size difference, you may find that your larger dog is pulling your smaller dog around.

I have a huge Belgian Malinois & a tiny Beagle. To save time, I often walk both of them at once, but on 2 different leads. This is because the beagle is a lot more reactive and I often need to keep him closer to me. 

However, my Belgian Malinois is super well-trained & never lunges. This is what makes walking both of them at the same time possible. 

Ensure that both dogs, especially the bigger one, are properly leash trained & understand the heel command thoroughly.

How do I walk 2 dogs without pulling them?

If you want to walk 2 dogs on a dual leash without pulling them, you must make sure that you introduce the dual leash slowly. Start with short walks & reward them when they stay together. If you jump in immediately with a super long run, your pups will be confused with the coupler mechanism, and it will likely be a disaster.

You will only need to pull on the leash if your pups are lunging away from each other.

So, make sure you train them to stay together, to stop lunging, and to obey the “heel” command. These skills can be taught one on one to your puppies. 

Opt for a bungee leash or something with more elasticity if your dog tends to pull a lot, as it will reduce the tension on its neck. 

What are some features of a good dual dog leash?

Two Chihuahuas on leash

A high-quality dual dog leash should be made out of a durable material, preferably nylon due to its stability & elasticity. 

It’s ideal if it has some sort of swivel clasp because 2 dogs tend to get tangled up pretty quickly.

A comfortable, padded, handle is a must because holding two dogs can get very physically challenging, and your hand may get fatigued without an ergonomic grip.

Also, reflective stitching is a great option if you want to take your pups out for a walk at night. 


After a careful analysis of all available leads on the market, we have found that the iYo Shop Dual Dog Leash is the most competitive option on the market for the price. It has a high-quality build made of bungee climbing rope, a leash extension swivel to prevent tangling, and plastic covering the stitching.

This lead will most certainly last you a long time. Another option that both your pups will love is the Wigzi Dual Dog Retractable Leash. This lead with a unique color combination has a retractable mechanism that can control each side one-by-one, and a super comfortable, ergonomic handle. It’s a great option for leash-training 2 dogs at the same time.

If you found this list helpful in your search for a dual dog lead, please share it with your friends and leave a comment down below. 

Thanks for reading!

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