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Best Leash For Training Puppies – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

by Anoushka Shetty

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A leash is essential for training a little pooch. With a lead, you can control your pup’s movements and ensure they are staying engaged in the training.

When I began training my puppy, I had my dog leashed pretty much 24/7. It helped me quickly stop him when he was about to get into trouble, and it kept me feeling confident that my pup was safe.

Due to this, I needed a durable, high-quality lead that would last me a while without needing to be replaced. I’ve found some of the best leash options that won’t break the bank but are still super long-lasting & have some pretty unique features. 

Here are Our Top picks for the best Leashes for Puppies

1. Impact Dog LeashBest Overall

2. Diggs Dog LeashBest Minimalist Leash

3. Fable Magic LinkBest Hands-Free Leash

4. Frisco Solid Nylon LeashBest Value for Money

5. Shed Defender Shock Absorbing Bungee LeashBest Bungee Leash

Top Leashes for Puppies Reviews

1. Impact Dog Leash

Impact Dog Leash

Made of nylon- super durable materials

Large loop handle

Secure steel clasp

This is one of the nicest leashes we found online for a decent price. This is the sort of lead that will last you a lifetime. This lead is made with chew-resistant material, so it’s great for puppies who love to gnaw on everything they can get their mouths on. 

This material is called ballistic nylon, and it provides structural support with a little bit of elasticity. The leash is super lightweight, but it has a loop handle for comfort. 

There is a steel carabiner clasp that you can use for other items you need for training your pup, like a bag of treats or poo bags. 

The dual loop feature is absolutely necessary when you have an inquisitive puppy. The larger loop can be worn around your wrist at all times while you’re walking your pup. The smaller loop is a great way to quickly shorten the leash in case your dog starts running toward oncoming traffic. 

While the cost of this leash is a bit higher than the rest, we believe that it’s a fantastic investment & it will definitely grow with your pup. 


• Military-grade ballistic nylon

• Durable metal carabiner- can be used as an accessory loop

• Unique 2-loop feature for easy lead shortening


• A bit more expensive than the other options

• Only 3 color options & they are all a little dull

2. Diggs Dog Leash

Diggs Leash

Comes in 2 size options

Lots of color options

Waterproof & easy cleanability

I absolutely love this minimalist, simple design. This affordable lead has all the basic features you need for training a pup at a fraction of the cost. This is a fantastic everyday leash that won’t break the bank.

As someone who loves to accessorize her pooch & give him his own wardrobe, I love how many color options there are. With 7 unique color options to choose from, your dog will look like a furry fashionista!

You can choose from 4-foot and 6-foot lengths if you have a smaller or larger dog breed. 

The soft & durable nylon material won’t chafe your dog’s neck; it provides extra comfort while still remaining super resilient & safe.

The lead also has a 100% waterproof coating, which makes cleaning up a breeze. This material is also odor-proof, so you don’t have to worry about urine smells sticking to it. 

This lead has a 360º swivel hook which means your dog won’t end up tangled in the leash right when they’re about to pee!

There are small metal details throughout the leash, which makes it more stylish & resilient against naughty pups. 

Speaking of metal hardware, the clasp has a 360º swivel hook to prevent tangling. 

However, there were some customer complaints that lighter-colored leashes, like ash or blush, stain pretty easily & are harder to clean. Plus, there were some complaints that the leashes are easy to chew up. 


• 7 color options

• 2 size options

• 100% waterproof & odor-proof coating

• 360º swiveling hook on the clasp to prevent tangling


• Light-colored leashes stain easily, so it’s better to opt for darker colors

• Easy to chew up

3. Fable Magic Link

Fable Magic Link

9 color options & 2 size options

Magic clip feature means easy wearability

Security clip to prevent inadvertent opening

This is a super cool idea if you like to multi-task when you are taking your dog out. The selling point of this leash is the Magic Link. The magic link is an adjustable loop that can be worn as a belt, a bandolier, or just around the wrist. 

This is a fantastic option if you need to hold on to your coffee cup, a bag, or your bicycle.

Thanks to this feature, you can also set different attachment styles. You can do a fixed leash/collar, a conventional leash, or a slip-on. This is great as you can figure out what your puppy likes best & use that. 

So, if your pup has a favorite harness that he likes to use, you can use the best-suited attachment style. 

Another great feature that makes this leash great for pups is the security clip. The clip has an extra piece of locking plastic, so the lever isn’t accidentally pushed down. This is one of the most common ways that a dog escapes from his leash.

So, this clip provides a bit of extra security for your puppy.

However, this puppy leash is a bit pricier compared to the other options. But we think it’s worth it because you can change the style to whatever you want; so, it’s like 3 leashes in one!


• Unique magic link design allows 3 wearing options and 3 attachment styles

• 9 color options & 2 lengths to choose from


• Easy to chew through

• Runs a bit expensive compared to other options

4. Frisco Solid Nylon Leash

Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Leash

Military-grade resilient nylon

2 comfortable loops

Durable metal hardware

If you don’t want to break the bank when you buy a new leash, we recommend this nylon leash by Frisco. At a super affordable price, this leash comes in 6 size options; there are 4-foot and 6-foot length options, but there are varying thicknesses, so they can control different dog weights. 

There are also 4 colors, which is quite a bit for such a low cost. 

This puppy leash has a convenient bolt snap that allows you to connect it to a leash or a basic back-clip harness. The loop handle is easy to control & ergonomic; your blood circulation won’t cut off after long walks. 

This leash has an ultra-weld seal on the fabric, so you don’t have to worry about any stitching coming loose or your dog chewing off the glue.

However, there were some customer complaints that the fabric itself is not chew-proof & easily tears when your puppy chews on it. 

Also, they stated that the leash isn’t great for larger reactive dogs; it will rip apart. 


• Very competitive price

• Variety of color options & size options

• Durable stitching that won’t rip or fray

• Ergonomic loop handle


• Not strong enough for larger, heavier dogs, especially if they lunge

• The nylon isn’t chew-proof

5. Shed Defender Shock Absorbing Bungee Leash

Shed Defender Dog Leash

3 loop handles

4 color options

Reflective stitching

A bungee leash is a perfect option if you’re worried about wear & tear on your joints. The bungee leash is a lot more stretchy & elastic than the other materials, so it doesn’t pull on your elbow & shoulder joints as much when your dog lunges.

Since puppies tend to jump & lunge a lot more, this is a perfect option for younger dogs. This puppy leash also has 3 padded handles on it for immediate shortening. This is really good in dangerous situations, like if your dog leaps toward oncoming traffic. 

Also, sometimes you need a shorter leash for recall training, and the extra handles allow you to choose the length you want. 

This leash also has reflective threading, so you can definitely use it for late-night training sessions.  Plus, the lead comes in 4 bright color options. 

However, be careful because compared to a regular rope leash, a bungee leash gives you less control. It’s harder to pull & jerk your dog back. So, I would recommend this leash only if your puppy is fairly well-behaved and knows the ‘heel’ command quite well. 

Also, some customers complained that after constant use with large dogs, the elastic stretches out & doesn’t really work anymore.


• 3 padded handles for quick lead shortening

• Reflective threading

• D-ring for extra accessories like a potty bag


• Elastic stretches out with constant use

• Bungee means that you can’t jerk your pup back quickly if there’s an accident

Commonly Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that first-time pup parents usually ask. 

Is it better to leash-train a puppy with a collar or harness?

In our opinion, a harness is a much better option than a collar, especially for younger dogs. A fully-padded nylon harness is a really good way to ensure that your pup doesn’t get injured if you have to jerk them back. Collars can cause sudden choking. 

There are 2 harness types; a front clip & a back clip. The back-clip harness is better for flat-faced breeds who have trouble breathing because it puts little to no stress on the throat. 

The front-clip harness serves to dissuade your pup from pulling. However, this design can be bad for your dog’s posture because it pulls him to the side. 

What is the easiest way to leash-train a puppy?

Leash-training a puppy can be a challenging process, especially for first-time pet parents. Start by letting your dog get used to wearing the harness, collar, and leash. Then, when you take him out for a walk, try using the heel command.

Hold a treat in your hand & entice your pup to come to your side. When he does, give him the treat and say “Heel”! Eventually, he will learn that the term “Heel” means that he has to come to your side. This will be super useful if your dog starts to lunge because you can easily bring him back.

Should my puppy be on a leash in the house?

While it may seem safe to keep your pup on a leash in the house, it really isn’t necessary unless you have a health hazard in your home. When I was renovating my kitchen, I kept my pup on a leash at all times in case I had to quickly stop him from running somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be. 

However, it’s not really a necessity if your house is safe. 

What age can I walk my puppy on a leash?

You can start walking your puppy on a leash as soon as your pooch is vaccinated & can safely be taken on walks. This is usually at 7-8 weeks of age. Before that, you shouldn’t be taking your pooch out in the open, even if they are leashed. When your dog is young, remember to use light pressure & give them one slight jerk towards you just to move their head.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a high-quality leash that will grow with your puppy, we really recommend the Impact dog leash. Although it is priced quite highly, it is made of really high-quality material that won’t fray. Also, it has a durable metal carabiner and a 2 loop feature. 

Coming in close at second place, the Diggs dog leash is a really great everyday leash that comes in a ton of color options. It has a 360º swiveling hook to prevent tangling and an odor-proof & waterproof outer coating. 

If you found this list of leashes useful, please share it with your friends. Leave a comment down below if you have any other leash suggestions & training tips. 

Thanks for reading!

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