Betty White Auctions a Date to Help Homeless Animals and is Honored for Animal Charity Work

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Betty & Ponty

Betty White is a well-known, longtime animal lover and advocate.  The trustee of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association said her passion for animals was deeply instilled in her from a young age by her parents.

“Both my mother and father were tremendous animal lovers,” she said.  “They imbued in me the face that, to me, there isn’t an animal on the planet that I don’t find fascinating and want to learn more about.”

From December 3-10, fans had the chance to win a once in a lifetime opportunity to win dinner with Betty in an auction aimed to help SPCA animals in need.  Bids started at $1000.  There is no word yet on who won or what the winning bid was.

On December 6th, she was honored for her work with animals at a Grinch-themed ceremony in LA, wherein she was named Who-Manitarian of the Year.

“I really appreciate this award, and I appreciate all of you beautiful people around me,” said a flattered Betty.

In October she was honored with the National Humanitarian Medal and Legacy Award at the American Humane Association’s Second Annual Hero Dog Awards.  In April Betty was honored by Actors and Others for Animals, receiving the first ever Betty White Inspirational Award, which honors people who appreciate animals and spread public awareness about their needs for protection and care.

Most recently, she attended the one-year anniversary celebration of LA Love & Leashes, which is the first nonprofit pet store completely dedicated to the shelter animals of LA.

“In one year, they’ve adopted about 400 animals,” said Betty.  (404, according to Love & Leashes.)

In June, the Golden Girls star got to meet the First Dog, Bo Obama.  He guided her on a special tour of the White House.

“I spent a half hour with Bo stretched across my lap,” she said.  “And that’s a privilege.  He’s just gorgeous.”

Betty has been a busy bee, spending countless hours helping dogs and other animals in need, but she still has plenty of time for her own dog, Pontiac.  Her seven-year-old golden retriever, a former guide dog, was recently donning a cone of shame after an operation, and is free again to lick wherever he likes.

“He had little growths on his leg and he had to have it removed, so he had to wear one of those plastic collars so he wouldn’t take his stitches out,” Betty said.  “Well, he got it off today and he’s a happy Ponty tonight!”

Now she is looking forward to spending a quiet Christmas alone with her wingman Ponty.

“He’s my family,” she said.  “It’s just the two of us for Christmas because I’m alone, and so we just have a cozy day all day.  We look forward to that all year.”

5 thoughts on “Betty White Auctions a Date to Help Homeless Animals and is Honored for Animal Charity Work”

  1. I have been a fan of Betty White’s since the Mary Tyler Moore show. Her love for animals and helping them are as great as her talent for making us laugh. Merry Christmas Betty and Pontiac!

  2. Betty your love for animals is as genuine as your humor and I have loved you for many years, well maybe not all that many, but at least one or two, when you and Lou Grant were sparring was fun. Seriously, thank you for being the real thing and for all that you do for the furry creatures we share the planet with. Many don’t think it is worthwhile, while others pay lip service, but you roll up your sleeves and actually do the work. You are a Hero.


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