Back in Black 2

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As many of you know, black dogs and cats are often the last to be adopted from shelters. Because of this, Best Friends Animal Society has kicked off a campaign that puts black adoptable pets in the spotlight, offering each a greater chance of adoption.

Last year, the Back in Black adoption event was introduced to showcase black dogs and cats and give them the best chance at being adopted. And over 900 pets found homes! This year, they are back with Back in Black 2. Their goal is to find good homes for 1,000 or more pets in black this May.

Right now, thousands of wonderful animals are waiting to be adopted at shelters and rescue groups nationwide. And every day, 9,000 pets are killed in shelters because they don’t have a home. Best Friends and their No More Homeless Pets® Network Partners are committed to saving them. Join them! Click here to find adoptable black pets near you.

Included for the sake of fun is a very loosely related video that your music loving editor can’t get enough of – it kicks off with footage of a couple of black dogs, and it rocks almost as much as people who adopt black pets from shelters…

6 thoughts on “Back in Black 2”

  1. I love my 2 black dogs! One is a Shar-pit and the other is a lab mix. They are amazing! In China black dogs are shunned as ‘bad luck’. My babies have been nothing but pure love!

  2. We have 4 animals and two, one dog and one cat, are predominatly black. The other two are not. We love them all equally and they love us back. What difference does the color of your animal make? Part of the beauty of animals is that they come in so many differents colors. Love is love no matter what color they are.


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