Blind, Deaf Dog Kicked Out Of Dog Park

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For over a year Billy has been going to the dog park that’s for small and timid dogs in his California town. He’s both deaf and blind and get bullied around bigger dogs. Recently a change was made to the dog park sign to only state the small dogs could be there which led to Billy being kicked out of his favorite park.

Billy has been enjoying a park for small and timid dogs in Orcutt, California for over a year. Billy is older, deaf and almost completely blind. Last week everything changed when the sign at the park changed from stating the park was for “small and timid dogs” to just “small dogs only.” This led to Billy’s owner Marty Niles being approached by a park ranger. “A park ranger showed up and said this is for small dogs only,” said Niles. “I tried to explain to the park ranger that Bill is not only deaf but he’s nearly total blind.” Billy and Niles were kicked out and are not permitted to attend Billy’s favorite park anymore.

There is a park for bigger dogs, but because of Billy’s age, deafness and blindness it’s not a good fit for him. “(He) was jumped on in the large dog park and put to the ground because he’s old,” said Niles. “He just can’t protect himself.” Niles hopes an area for older dogs like Billy can be set up, though when she suggested it to the park ranger she wasn’t too happy with his response. “We said ‘then perhaps you can divide the ‘small dog’ park into two for old, timid, crippled, blind, deaf dogs and his response was ‘well, that would be age discrimination’ tongue-in-cheek, of course, so yeah, we’re not really happy about it,” said Niles.

The change to the park sign came after the suggestion of another dog park user according to the Santa Barbara County Parks Office. They plan to review the incident over the next week.

58 thoughts on “Blind, Deaf Dog Kicked Out Of Dog Park”

  1. Find out the name of the person
    Who insisted that the sign say
    small dogs and post it on Facebook
    I am sure lots of people would
    Like to say say something to
    him or her

  2. Let Billy enjoy the park that he is familiar with please. His blindness is a handicape and he is used to that park. Please be kind to this sweet animal.

  3. For those of you siding with the park dept. stance, did you not read the article? This dog is deaf and nearly blind as well as old. There IS no other safe park for a dog like this to go to! Billy was doing just fine in the small dog area. He is harmless! Laws do not have to be set in concrete! Exceptions can be made for every rule in extenuating circumstances! Have some compassion for this elderly dog. Now he has virtually no where to run free and safely. Have a heart. If I were those owners I’d sue. This dog has done nothing wrong.

  4. unbelievable…just unbelievable. How unfair can you be? An old, deaf and nearly blind dog cannot possibly endanger the little ones…please, please…

    • This is about the unfair treatment of the dog…period!! The stupidity of your post, is what is truly astounding.


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