Blind Dog And His Guide Cat are Best Friends

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A vision impaired dog gained a new lease on life when a formerly stray cat came to stay.

Holyhead, North Wales, UK resident Judy Godfrey-Brown’s dog Terfel ended up spending most of his time in his basket after cataracts deprived the eight year old pup of his vision. When he did get up for a walk, he’d bump into things.

Terfel’s life changed for the better when Judy adopted a stray cat named Pwditat, who appointed herself as the dog’s service animal and pal. Pwditat walked up to Terfel, led him from his basket, and brought him out into the garden. She has continued to guide the dog and enable him to get around and enjoy life.

The pair are now living with Anne Cragg, who took them in when Judy Godfrey-Brown was no longer able to care for them.

Their guardian said, “I’ve never seen anything like it … Pwditat immediately seemed to know that Terfel is blind.”

“She uses her paws to help guide him. They are glued to each other and even sleep together now.”

Photo: Wales News Service



This video with Ms. Cragg shows the bonded pair and their devotion to one another.



9 thoughts on “Blind Dog And His Guide Cat are Best Friends”

  1. I’d like to ask Anne Crag if the Can Terful’s cataracts be fixed ? to restore his site if so any idea how much it would cost ?

    Mick Price ( West Australia).

  2. Mick, the answer is yes, a dog’s cataracts can be fixed but quite often this will not restore their sight if their retina or optical nerve is damaged.

    Here in Oz, out in the sticks, the cost is $3,000 per lens, so $6,000 in all for both eyes.

    Veterinary ophthalmologists justify this exorbitant cost on their many years of extra training plus the complexity of the canine eye compared to the human eye. In my view, however, veterinary ophthalmologists simply rip us off.

  3. Ok thanks very much indeed, i would be willing to help pay for him to get his site back if possible, if it could be restored ?.
    If the owner could get in touch with more info.

  4. What a beautiful story and an even more beautiful offer to help! I think many people would be will to contribute to the surgery. A Chip-In might be an idea.

  5. Mick, at this point, I have my doubts that cataract surgery will do much good, as Anonymous explained. Besides, as an eight-year-old big dog, he’s already late in life, and will likely be on the way downhill. I’m not a vet, but you can ask one what they think of the idea. He seems to be enjoying life with his new friend in any case.

  6. Lovely story. However, please clip Terfel’s nails, perhaps take a look at Pwditat’s nails as well. Thanks.


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