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Heaven Is a Place on Earth – in a 450-Dog Sanctuary!

by Melanie

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Just in case you were ever wondering, the happiest man on Earth lives in Serbia.  Sasa Pejčić hated to see the hundreds of street dogs around him suffering, so he adopted them.  All 450 of them!

It all began when he found four puppies dumped in the woods near his house.  Pejčić was among the 17 percent of citizens out of work, so he decided to make it his full-time job to save street dogs.  He started taking in as many as he could, and before long, there were over 400 dogs on his land.

“I know exactly how each dog arrived at my shelter, I know their names, personalities,” Pejčić told Business Insider.


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He was able to set up his sanctuary rent-free at an abandoned equestrian yard.  He makes sure they each receive food, water, medical attention, and plenty of love.

It costs about $15 to feed each dog every month – nearly $7,000.  The US-based group Harmony Fund helps him by raising awareness about his haven and doing fundraisers for the dogs.  Each pup is vaccinated, microchipped, and sterilized.

“Here they are loved and not expected to do anything other than to simply be dogs,” Laura Simpson, founder of the Harmony Fund, told The Dodo. “Many are adopted out internationally to good homes, and others will spend their remaining days at the sanctuary.”


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They have a pretty good life with Pejčić.  They spend their days romping around the huge fenced-in area together, and are only put in their kennels at night when the temperatures drops.

But winter is fast approaching, and the heroic dog rescuer is working hard to prepare the kennels for the cold weather ahead of them.  He wants to make sure food is stockpiled so no one is forced to go hungry, and that all of they stay warm and comfortable.

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