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Book Review: If I Should Die Before My Dog


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4i6t4rr3As pet owners, we worry. We worry about our dogs’ well-being and happiness. We fret over the details, treating our pets to the finest foods, providing state of the art health care when necessary and planning play-dates to keep them engaged and entertained. We spend willingly and sacrifice for the sake of their happiness frequently, yet many of us overlook a critically important component of our jobs as pet guardians: contingency planning.

As uncomfortable as it may be to consider the possibility, you owe it to your pet to have a Plan B. If you were to die tomorrow, would your pet be cared for? Some of us, the planners, will answer yes. Most of us will admit (with some discomfort) that we haven’t made proper plans for the care of our pets in our absence. It’s easy to understand why this is an often overlooked subject – most of us outlive our pets.

But what if you don’t? A new book from authors Joe and Cathy Connolly doesn’t just raise that question: it also guides you through the process of answering it fully. Thorough and thoughtful, If I Should Die Before My Dog is not just an exercise in estate planning. Most of us can handle the basic modifications necessary to specify alternate guardians for our pets in the wills we have prepared. But what about the rest?

The rest is what truly matters. Provided is a thought provoking check list for dog lovers, who unfortunately and with much sadness can no longer take care of their dog. All of the things you would want someone to know about your dog are covered. From things that scare your dog to recognized commands, reactions to being touched in certain places, and even bad habits and prevention, everything you would think of is included in If I Should Die Before My Dog, as are many things that might not occur to you. The format is succinct and purposeful, and could not be easier to navigate – an important point for adopters.

Joe and Cathy Connolly have spent a lifetime owning, training and caring for dogs, and their understanding of our best friends is evident. This book will assist those who want to prepare for their dogs future in an easy to use format that will guide them through the process of telling the “story” of their dogs life, for their pet’s “Next Guardian”. None of us can predict the future, but in the event situations arise such as death, health impairment, or if pet owners are left with no other choice but to give their dog up, this book will be there to assist a pet with the transition from one home to another.

Highly recommended. Visit their Facebook page for more information.