Man Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison for Attack that Killed his Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog

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vinnyA Missouri man will sever eight years in prison for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home and attacking her dog Vinny so badly that Vinny had to be put down due to his injuries.

On October 9th, 2011 Charles A. Zidek, who has admitted to problems with drinking and steroid use, broke into the home of his ex-girlfriend Diana Walkonis around 2 a.m. Once in the home Zidek picked up Walkonis’ Italian greyhound Vinny and threw him repeatedly against a bedroom wall.

Walkonis was not home at the time and came home later in the morning to find the injured dog. She rushed Vinny to an emergency clinic. He had suffered severe head trauma, his eyelids were swollen shut and one of his legs had been displaced. His injuries were so severe that Vinny had to be euthanized.

In July a jury found Zidek guilty of animal abuse and burglary. At a sentencing hearing on September 30th St. Charles County Circuit Judge Rick Zerr sentenced Zidek to four-year terms on each charge.

“Vinny was not just a dog, he was one of my family members,” said Walkonis at the sentencing hearing. “It breaks my heart that I wasn’t able to protect him.”

4 thoughts on “Man Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison for Attack that Killed his Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog”

  1. Lets just hope he serves all 8 years in prison and that he becomes a favorite punching bag and other things for the other prisoners.

    I personally think that violent offenders should be sterilized as well to ensure they never pass on those horrible genes. And of course you wouldnt want a child anywhere near them.

    I know, good luck in getting legislation like that passed!

  2. 4 years for burglary. and 4 years for the animal abuse….fantastic…but it would have been better that the eight years was for the animal abuse….but never the less “Well done to the Judge”….


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