Boom, the Pit Bull Who Loves Animals

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Meet Boom.  Boom is a Staffordshire bull terrier that like other dogs, loves to play ball.  He loves the outdoors.  And he loves other animals.

According to his Facebook biography, “Boom is an incredible little guy.  He is a 26-lb powerhouse that truly lives up to his name.  He will try to do anything you ask of him and he will always give it his all.  He doesn’t do anything just half-way.”

Many people have the idea that all pit bulls are vicious; born killers who will maul anyone or anything if given the opportunity.  But this is not true.  Pit bulls are only as good as their owners.  By nature, most are very sweet, playful, energetic dogs who live to please.  Their willingness to obey is often their downfall; because of this and their natural strength, they are the perfect candidates for cruel dog fighters looking for both bait and champions.  But when given plenty or love and positive training, American Staffordshire terriers, American Pit Bull terriers and all other bully breeds have the potential to be excellent family dogs.

For Boom this is especially true.  The three-year-old  is an AKC Canine Good Citizen and has been certified by Therapy Dogs International.  One of the requirements for being a therapy dog is the ability to get along with other animals, and based on this adorable Easter photo shoot, Boom exemplifies this qualification with ease.

Many dogs, even some of the best trained, would chase and possibly kill a running rabbit, and quickly eat a chick balancing on their nose.  But not Boom.  He has been well trained and not only tolerates, but really seems to love the company of his fluffy, fuzzy companions.

In addition to being a nanny dog for Easter bunnies (and a chickie!), Boom has nearly 30 titles in obedience, flyball, dock diving and agility.  He is also part of American Idogs, an entertainment production where dogs play games, do tricks, jump and do agility races.

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0 thoughts on “Boom, the Pit Bull Who Loves Animals”

  1. It says american staffordshire terrier, but Boom doesn’t look like an amstaff. He is definitely a staffordshire bull terrier (staffy). But beside getting the breed wrong, Go BOOM! The pictures are really cute and I hope it opens people’s eyes to the truth about these beautiful dogs.

    • Boom is NOT an American Staffordshire Terrier=AmStaff.

      Boom is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, AKA Staffy, Staffy Bully,SBT not to be confused with
      American Staffordshire Terrier aka AmStaff!! =) Hope this helps.

      Also, to the OP, it would be awesome if you could correct the title of this page, as it says PIT BULL, it should Say Staffy Bull. =) Would be awesome to correctly identify his breed! Thanks for the good read tho!

  2. I’ve had pit bulls, both mine & rescues that were older. One that i rescued was previously owned by a man who did all in his power to train her to fight. He was not successful!!! I do realize a bite by a pit is serious due to the power of their jaws, but i have never had one who bit anyone or anything, & i don’t even bother really training my dogs. I like them the way they are. They were all socialized simply by being surrounded by my other animals & people visiting, etc. & they all seemed to mind just because they liked to please. I didn’t formally train them, just praise & love & a stern voice if needed. Bullys are like any other dog & in fact i have found them to be very sweet & gentle. Like all terriers they can be jealous at time & now want to share their owner, but this has never caused any of mine to bite.. I have two small terriers (of other breeds) who will fight each other over a bone in a heartbeat. My Pits have never done that!!! And the owner does make a difference!! Too often these dogs are kept on heavy short chains where they can barely walk more than a few steps & turn around. I have a feeling i’d be grumpy if i were kept on a chain & ignored continually & my only companionship a food & water bowl… ETC….

  3. This dog’s name is “Boom”. Boom is your typical violent and aggressive pit bull. Boom was witnessed by at least a dozen people committing a completely unprovoked attack on a little dog at a canine fly ball competition. The dog was minding its own business and sniffing the ground. Boom crushed the dog’s paw before the owner pried Boom off. Boom and its owner were banned. Goes to show you that pits can be staged for warm fuzzy photos one day and then commit unprovoked vicious attacks the next.


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