Bright Flowers Are Helping These Dogs Get Adopted

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The Humane Society of Utah is at it again!  In December we showed you their hilarious photo booth collection, and now they’re trying something different that will help their black dogs get adopted.  It’s working!

In 2014, HSU adopted out over 9,600 animals.  They’ve set the goal for this year at 10,000, and so far they’re doing pretty well.  Black dogs tend to wait the longest to be adopted – because they don’t photograph well, and because of vestigial, naïve beliefs that black animals are aggressive or evil.

So HSU staff have begun decorating dogs with floral headbands and wreaths.  Five out of the eight pictured below have already found their forever homes.  Perhaps you’ll fall in love with one of the remaining three!  To see who still needs a home, click here.


2.6.15 - Black Flower Campaign1



2.6.15 - Black Flower Campaign2



2.6.15 - Black Flower Campaign3



2.6.15 - Black Flower Campaign4



2.6.15 - Black Flower Campaign5



2.6.15 - Black Flower Campaign6



2.6.15 - Black Flower Campaign7



2.6.15 - Black Flower Campaign8