Dog Abandoned at Scotland Train Station Gets Adopted

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2.6.15 - Kai Gets Adopted1


Last month we told you about Kai, the sad-looking dog who was dumped at a train station in Scotland with a suitcase of his belongings.  We’re happy to tell you that he now has a new dad, who will always take Kai with him when he travels!

The forlorn dog made headlines around the world, and the Scottish SPCA was inundated with offers to adopt him.

“Kai’s story was really sad and many people likened him to Paddington Bear given he was found alone at a railway station with his suitcase,” said Alan Grant, senior animal care assistant at the SPCA.

Ian Russell was selected out of hundreds of others (who hopefully went and adopted another dog instead).

“I’m over the moon and very shocked that I was chosen out of everyone who wanted him,” he told the BBC.


2.6.15 - Kai Gets Adopted2


“My Dalmatian named Mica passed away just before Christmas and I was left heartbroken. I had her for 15 years, and she was the apple of my eye. We pretty much spent 24 hours a day together.

“When I heard about Kai I knew the little guy needed a break but I never thought in a million years I’d get him.”

He had called the SPCA to see if he could do anything to help, and a few weeks later, Kai was his.

“I honestly think it was meant to be,” said Russell, who believes Kai will now love his life of adventure.

“I work all over Scotland, mainly outdoors, driving wherever I’m needed in my van. Kai will come with me and when it’s appropriate I’ll let him out to run around and play safely while I work.”


2.6.15 - Kai Gets Adopted3


“Then we’ll jump back into the van together and head to the next place. We’ll be able to hang out all the time.

“Being the one to re-home Kai is a bit like winning the lottery, and I’m really looking forward to getting him home and bonding with him.”

Grant is happy with their decision to select Russell.

“One of the reasons we chose Ian was, right from the start, he said he was interested in re-homing Kai but he would take our advice if we thought one of the many other dogs in our care would suit him better.

“It was really important for us to select an owner who wanted Kai for all the right reasons and had really thought through their decision to take on a rescue dog.

“We know Kai will have a fantastic new life with Ian and we couldn’t be happier for him.”


2.6.15 - Kai Gets Adopted4