Georgia Stray Wants to go to School and Hops on School Bus

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On May 5, 2014, a stray pit bull from Dekalb County, Ga., patiently waited along high school children on a bus stop. When the yellow school bus showed up, the dog made his way to the front on the line, hopped on the bus, and sat on a seat to be taken to school as if he were a two-legged human.

140506-SchoolBusThe bus passengers along the bus driver were amazed that the friendly stray was just waiting to be taken on a bus ride, but as school policy dictates – no animals allowed – the canine passenger needed to get off the bus.

My Fox Atlanta reports that the bus driver tried to lure the dog off the bus using crackers, but the four-legged passenger was not interest in those treats.

The bus was evacuated for the safety of the children and then local parents who also witnessed the event tried their best to get the dog off the bus. At last, a local resident brought over a plate of some tasty left-over food the canine could not pass on.

The friendly pet exited the bus, ate his meal and took off.

It is unfortunate the pet was not rescued by anyone of the people present, nor was Animal Control or a Rescue group called to secure the pet. The pit bull did not show any signs of aggression, and overall his demeanor was of a loving dog that wanted companionship, food, and lots of love.

Since the news went viral, hundreds of animal lovers have shown interest in finding the dog and rescuing him. Hopefully, local residents will be looking out for him and soon we can report that the stray has been found and adopted.

Watch the video report.

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8 thoughts on “Georgia Stray Wants to go to School and Hops on School Bus”

  1. I wish someone would of taken him in. I am worried about him being out there in the streets and being so friendly. There are too many sickos out there that will take advantage of him being friendly and call him over to hurt him. He is or probably owned by someone with school age children and he probably used to walk them to the bus stop with the parent and maybe that is his way of trying to find him way home by using stuff that is familiar to him maybe ?

  2. That’s Georgia for you; many people there don’t spay or neuter their pets and either let them roam or tie them out. People also don’t help strays. When I lived there, I rescued about 100 strays, but hey, I’m just a Yankee who believes in helping all God’s creatures.

  3. I’m horrified by all of the ignorant and heartless people who did nothing to help this dog. They should be ashamed of themselves! Someone should have taken the dog in and found a home for him. He is probably now going to be a bait dog in one of Georgia’s dog fighting rings.

  4. Poor little guy 🙁 Humans are so mean to animals. Not that anyone was mean to this dog in this situation, but in general, humans’ attitude towards dogs and other living creatures is cold.

  5. This mut must a bin a yankee leebrul looking fah a handout. Did you sea all them foreigners and minorities aroun there? Only one that was normal was the fox news man.


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