Broken & Battered, Sweet Little Remy Needs Assistance Now

by Adrea

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Being hit by a car and left on the side of the road is no way to head into a new year, but that is exactly what happened to Remy, who is now waiting for surgery to repair his injuries.  Kathryn Walton, of The American Street Cat, Inc. (TASC), was in the midst of dealing with a hoarding situation when one of her volunteers stopped to help this poor dog.  They have started a fundraising campaign and are reaching out to any and everyone in the hopes they can raise the needed monies.

Remy’s story, as shared on YouCaring, is below:

On the afternoon of Dec. 30, 2016, little Remy was struck by a vehicle along the feeder road of TX-249.  A Good Samaritan who witnessed this stopped to help as the offending vehicle continued on.  One of our volunteers happened to be passing by and stopped as well.  After Remy tried to stand but couldn’t, he went into a state of shock, and he was carefully transported to a local emergency care hospital.


Doctors began fluid therapy and pain management right away.  Radiograph images revealed multiple pelvic fractures.  In addition, there appears in his blood work to be a trauma-related liver issue, but only repeated blood work and time will indicate if this will self-correct or if it is an entirely separate issue.  Adding insult to injury, Remy is positive for heartworms.  He is being stabilized over the weekend, and a catheter has been inserted so that he doesn’t soil himself while he’s unable to bear weight on his hind end.  Remy is scheduled for surgery immediately after the new year.


The doctors place Remy at about 2-3 years old.  The fresh wounds in the photos are superficial and will heal just fine, but he’s on antibiotic treatment for good measure.  He has a few old scars, so this boy’s definitely been around the block.  He’s a mixed breed, possibly part pit bull; maybe some hound?  He is intact and not microchipped. To spare Remy more anesthetized procedures, we have requested that he be neutered if possible at the same time that his pelvis is repaired.  It all depends on how long he’s under anesthesia and how well he tolerates it.


Remy’s life is soon to take a turn for the better, and 2017 cannot come soon enough for him!  But we need financial support to get him on the road to recovery since the final stabilization and surgical costs will be in the $5000-$7500 range depending on any complications and/or his length of stay.  Beyond those costs, we’re anticipating costs for rehab and special equipment/supplies that Remy will need in order to regain mobility, which will take 2-3 months, and we’ll have to tackle his heartworm eradication treatment costs as well.


In addition to financial support, we are seeking a qualified foster home to oversee Remy’s post-op rehab which will be critical prior to placement in a forever home.

Please donate what you can if you can.  No amount is too small! The American Street Cat, Inc. (TASC) is a 501c3 organization.  Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. And CLICK THIS LINK to go directly to Remy’s YouCaring page.