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Lament of a Shelter Dog: Why Don’t You Want Me?

by Adrea

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Nothing is more heartbreaking than an animal being returned to a shelter.  Just imagine their hope and joy at finally coming out into the light and love of a family and the despair at having to come back, the spark they had dampened.  Far worse, for an animal who has been in a home for years being returned.  That scenario is visited in this poignant song given voice and lyrics by Hollace Bari Panzer with both music and arrangement from Yalil Guerra.

This beautiful piece, Why Don’t You Want Me?, which does have a happy ending, is a stunning illustration of what so many of us know and so many more need to learn.  Perhaps it is an anthem for the times and a song that shelters and rescues can use in PSAs and education forums as a thoughtful, touching way to share the plight of shelter animals.

If you or an organization you know of might be interested in using the song, please check out for more details.