Brokenhearted Dog Guards Best Friend’s Body

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A dog in Russia has stood guard over another dog who was hit by a car for over a week. He refuses to leave her side and is not willing to say goodbye to his best friend. It is a moving display of loyalty and friendship that has brought many residents of Filippovka, Russia to tears.

When his best friend was hit the dog moved her body to safety and has been standing guard ever since. He desperately tries to wake his friend up by pawing at her. “It’s very sad. He won’t let anyone near her and he keeps trying to warm her up with his own body,” said one local. Those who pass the scene and hear the dog’s howls can’t help but break down into tears.

People in the area have been taking food and drink to the dog and have tried to lure him away from his friend so they can properly bury her. He refuses to leave her though, and won’t let anyone close enough to help. The video of the dog was posted a little over a week ago and no new updates have been reported.  The locals have been trying to help and many are so touched by this display of loyalty and friendship that he has many people waiting to adopt him when he is ready.



9 thoughts on “Brokenhearted Dog Guards Best Friend’s Body”

  1. thats very sad. Why doesn’t a vet step up and try to sadate the dog. The dead dog needs to be disposed of, before it starts rotting and most of all the loyal dog needs to be looked over to see if anything is wrong with it and then maybe find it a furever home.

  2. Poor thing! It is such a heartwrenching story. I agree. Can a vet sedate the dog and get him in to get checked out and bury his buddy? PLEASE keep us updated on this story. I want to find out if the dog gets a forever home.

  3. Why hasn’t anyone tranquilized him? He needs to be removed from her so she can be buried. He probably has PTSD now. PLEASE help him!


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