Bus Stop Dog Searches for Owner

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According to an Antena 3 news report, a dog in China has spent 15 days waiting and looking for his owner in a bus route stop. Until today, the abandoned dog, named Huang Huang, hasn’t been able to find his owner but he has won the hearts of many bus drivers and passengers.

Photo Credit: Sina Weibo
Photo Credit: Sina Weibo

The report says that for the past 15 days, the Huang Huang arrives early at the bus stop and hops on every bus that makes a stop. The canine then sniffs the entire bus and its passengers, and after not finding whatever he is looking for – many believe he looks for his owner – the dog hops back off and waits for the next bus.

Huang Huang spends 10 hours at the stop and when night approaches he leaves the area only to return the next morning to begin his search again.

One of the bus drivers that allows the dog on his bus said he initially thought the dog was hungry and was looking for food, but after offering the canine something to eat, the driver realized that food was not what the dog wanted.

Some of the bus drivers have talked about rescuing the dog and taking him home, but for now they are giving him a few more days to see if Huang Huang finally finds his true owner, the one he longs for.