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Campers Rescue and Adopt Lost Dog

by Katherine

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On Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014, Todd Bracelin and his nephew Jason McClure rescued a lost dog they found near their camp site in Washita River, Davis, Oklahoma.

Todd Bracelin and Jason McClure rescue lost dog.
Todd Bracelin and Jason McClure rescue lost dog.

The two men decided to go camping for the weekend and when they were checking on their catfish line they heard barks.

According to the campers were afraid at first because they believed the barks came from a wild animal, but after hearing barks and cries a second time the men realized the sounds came from a friendly canine, stranded on the other side of the river.

“The dog saw us and kept wanting to try to cross the river,” said Bracelin. “But if he did, the river would have taken him away as the current was very strong.”

The campers traveled about half a mile down the river to a more shallow area where the men were able to cross over and rescue the pet.

Once the dog was safe and back on their camp site, Bracelin and McClure realized the canine had multiple cuts on his body. The pet was also wearing a hunting vest and collar.

The trio spent the night at their camp site and woke up to 6 inches of snow.

“[The dog] would have died with the snow and the coyotes,” Bracelin said.

That same morning the rescuers called the dog’s owner and learned they no longer wanted the pet. The dog had been lost while on training for hog hunting and by now the owners were willing to surrender the dog to the two campers.

McClure drove the dog to an animal shelter in Oklahoma City, but soon after dropping off the dog, his uncle Todd Bracelin made the decision to adopt the dog himself.

Rescued dog with his new family.
Rescued dog with his new family.


“I decided to keep him because, really, I think it was meant to be,” Bracelin said.

Immediately the camper turned rescuer, drove to the shelter and picked up his new family member.

Today, the scared but friendly dog is enjoying a loving forever family next to his new and caring owner.