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Can you help these two dogs?


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We received the following e-mail from one of our fans. He reached out hoping the Life with Dogs community can help these two dogs in need. Please read Brian’s e-mail and if you can help contact him at [email protected]

lostdogs2 lostdogs3

We desperately need your help. My friend found these two possible American Staffordshire Terrier Mixes that were about to get hit in a heavy traffic street around Tatum and Shea in Phoenix, Arizona and we need help finding the owners or a foster/permanent home for them. Once my friend pulled over and opened the door they both hopped in and acted like they knew my friend. We checked the Vet and they are not chipped. Search around on all the sites we could think of and nobody has responded after 3-4 days. These are well cared for dogs, healthy, housebroken, obedience trained, neutered. I’m guessing them to be around a year old. They are super attached to each other and they do everything together. They were super friendly with a black lab but not too happy with a barky Yorkie mix. My friend has many animals and is not able to take care of them. All avenues have been exhausted and since I have been a long time fan of your website I was hoping that you might be able to help in some way…


Thank you for your time. -Brian