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Car Crash Victim Reunited with Lost Dog


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Linda Stillman was in a tragic car accident in August that took the life of her husband. She thought she’d also lost her dog, but finally this week Lady was found and is safely back home.

For a month Linda Stillman’s family has been trying to find her black Lab Lady. Linda, her husband and Lady were in a car accident last month that took Linda’s husband’s life. Lady fled the accident and was nowhere to be found.

Early Wednesday morning Maria and Joe Paget, who live near where the accident took place, got an unexpected visitor.

“We heard something downstairs, like a big noise and we went to go check it out,” said Joe. “We saw a dog laying on the back porch.”

Through social media, including the Facebook page “Lost and Found Pet Connections”, the Pagets were able to track down Stillman and give her the good news.

“I started crying immediately wondering just what my husband would’ve thought because she was his dog,” Stillman said. “He just loved her.”

The Pagets wanted to bring Lady to Stillman themselves and arranged for a reunion on Friday evening. There were more tears on Friday as Lady and Stillman were finally together again. No one is sure how Lady survived a month on her own, but the Stillmans are glad she is home safe again.