Cat Mourns His Dog Friend in the Sweetest Way

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Losing a family member is always hard.  And not just for us, but for our pets, too.  They sense that something is awry, and they quickly notice the absence of that person or other pet.  This cat is mourning his dog friend, and expresses his grief in such a heart-touching way.

In January, Redditor enns5320 posted a photo of his cat with the caption:

My dog recently passed and we got a statue and have its collar around it in memory. This was my cat’s reaction when he found it.


2.7.15 - Cat Mourns Dog Friend


It looks like someone could use a hug.  And maybe soon, a newly adopted buddy to help his heart heal.


82 thoughts on “Cat Mourns His Dog Friend in the Sweetest Way”

  1. breaks your heart. Reminds me of my cat. After my daughter died and I had to clean out her room he sat in a shoe box in her closet for 3 days straight

    • Awww, I’m so sorry your daughter died. When was that, and how old or young was she? if I’m not being too personal?

  2. For a little over two years, my wife and I worked in Saudi Arabia. Our employer brought over one of our dogs and one of our cats as part of our compensation package. The other cat and other dog stayed with the kids.

    When we came back we were a little concerned that the two sets would re-integrate, no worries. When the cat (Maine Coon) saw the dog (golden retriever) he ran to him and gave him a big standing hug. The golden rolled on his back and the two of them rubbed up against each other for a good five minutes before chasing each other around the yard. The poor Scottie had to wait her turn. Then she and the stay-behind cat engaged in the same behavior, then all four in a big rotating pile of paws and fur.

  3. Would rather be around animals any day ! Have had cats most of my life and anyone who says they aren’t loving doesn’t know them.
    All of them have lived between 17- 22 years.

    • I know! I’ve gone from hypo-allergic to housecats in just a few years. They’re hardy, loving, beautiful, emotional, hilarious and everything in between. People who think cats are distant and humorless need to relax. That’s all it takes.

      • Same here! I was a hypoallergic kid (I mean, ER bound) until, as an adult, I took in a calico kitty called “Rascal” who would’ve been euth’d if no one had taken her. I renamed her Rachel. Amazingly…I had no swollen eyes or wheezing for air. Whether it was time or divine intervention I don’t know, since no cat had been allowed near me for 20 years. All I know is, Rachel was the first in what’s been a long line of cats — multiples, practically from that revelation — and I’m healthy as can be. I love cats…they’re the perfect blend of grace, elegance and humor. And love! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

        • That would be “hyper” allergic. “Hypoallergenic” means less likely to suffer allergies.
          I am highly allergic to cats, but I love them! Do you think maybe you had a few sniffles at first and then got over it, or did you have no symptoms from the start? I would love to have a kitty, but I have asthma, too.

          • My husband was VERY allergic to cats, and a kitten found and adopted us (he was orphaned), and he started the itching, watery eyes and swollen face, etc. Our kids wanted SO badly to keep the kitten, and a friend told him to try cayenne pepper. She said she was very allergic, tried the cayenne, and now has 10 cats. 🙂
            He tried it, took the powder cayenne and wet his finger, got some on it and put it in his mouth. (For those like me that can’t handle hot, there are cayenne capsules-they take longer to work, but still help) After a while, he was able to do that about once every 3-4 months before symptoms would show up again. A day or so, two or three doses, and he was good for another 3-4 months. AMAZING!! It’s the capsaicin that does it. It somehow blocks allergies–we had that cat for 10 years, and now have another cat. Hope that helps.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. Sorry for your loss, only bad thing about loving your animals, their time is so much shorter than ours….. God Bless you……


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