Cattle Dog-Killing Cop Indicted on Animal Cruelty Charge

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5.9.14 - Cattle Dog-Killing Cop Charge with Animal Abuse3

Jerrod Dooley, the sheriff’s deputy who was fired after shooting Cole Middleton’s dog Candy, is crying the blues now that he has been indicted on the charge of animal cruelty.  He is facing up to two years in prison – a revolutionary step towards justice for the many sweet dogs killed by police.

By now you’re probably familiar with Candy’s story, but if you’re not, here’s a recap:

Cole Middleton came home one day in April to find that his Texas farm had been robbed.  He called the sheriff’s department, and during the two hour wait for a deputy to arrive, he went to work on the tractor with his dad.  Blue heeler Candy was asleep in the tailgate of Middleton’s truck.

Deputy Jerrod Dooley arrived, and seeing him pull up, Middleton honked the tractor horn to let him know he saw him and was coming to meet him.  Candy, doing her job of protecting her property from the stranger, barked at Dooley and jumped down from the truck.  Only Dooley knows exactly what happened next, as it unfortunately was not captured on his dash cam.

He claims that Candy charged at him and he fired two rounds.  Middleton rushed over and watched in agony as his beloved work partner and family member thrashed on the ground and yelped out in pain.  He begged Dooley to end her suffering, but the bumbling man refused.  He got back in his vehicle, what he should have done in the first place, and waited for backup.

Middleton was forced to kill his own dog by drowning.  He had her body examined by a vet, who determined that Candy was shot in the back of the head, and was clearly retreating from Dooley when he fired.

Dooley was fired from the department, but they claimed it was because he was receiving so many threats.  Now he’s pulling out the sob story in interviews, claiming that he had to shoot Candy because “she wouldn’t get back.”

Few believe him, and now he faces scorn wherever he goes.

“I can’t go to the grocery store without being recognized, pointed at, laughed at,” he whined.  “Can’t pay my water bill without hearing my name, saying ‘There’s the sorry cop that killed the dog.’”

A grand jury saw through his crocodile tears, too, and indicted him on a charge of animal cruelty, punishable by up to two years in prison.

“They indicted him within two weeks,” said Pete Schulte, Dooley’s attorney.  “That never happens.”

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15 thoughts on “Cattle Dog-Killing Cop Indicted on Animal Cruelty Charge”

  1. This article is crap. So the officer is supposed to wait until the dog attacks him before taking protective action? I like dogs but owners need to control their pets.

    • Or wait in his car for the owner to get there.

      Did you read the story? The vet said the dog was shot in the BACK of the head. That meant she was going away from him.

  2. yes, you just don’t go around shooting someone’s pet and working dog. Cry baby go to jail and cry in there

  3. We were not there. The man might be telling the truth. I would not want some dog charging at me. I think the man really feels sorry. Why wasn’t the dog tied down or kept in a fenced yard? I am a dog lover and would not want any animal shot.

  4. The “man” DROWNED HIS DOG TO SPARE IT FROM SUFFERING????? WTF?! I can’t imagine anything more terrifying than drowning, except being consumed by fire. He inflicted horrendous cruelty on the grievously wounded dog. Just an unbelievable unfathomable bad judgement. No vet anywhere to humanely euthanize the poor dog?

  5. It looks like we have some friends of this jack-arse of a policeman trying to defend his actions on this page. If the dog was charging him than how did he shoot it in the back of the head? Please inform all of us how the law of physics don’t apply in this policeman’s case. Also, I would like know how “feline cool” would have put down her dog if she was on a farm (that was just robbed) that was probably no where near a vet’s office and it was shot in the head by an unscrupulous offender… who than decided it wasn’t his job to actually “kill” the dog, which at this point would’ve been a more humane way than the owner’s action. Please inform all of us heathens how you would react in a calm, coherent manner in such circumstances.

    • you are correct in saying the apologist out are in force. They failed to read the entire article or know anything about this incident but felt compelled to add their opinions, while NOT KNOWING THE ENTIRE STORY. Looks rather suspicious!

  6. As expected the cop is showing himself to be a coward and a bully. What a big man when he can kill a dog for walking away but worries about going to the grocery store. Hope he goes to jail and every inmate in there knows hes a cop and knows what he did.

    Oh and lets take away ALL his guns. That usually upsets scum like this more than anything.


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