Charges Filed Against Two People Tied to Dog Fighting

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Two people from Chester County, Pennsylvania will be the first to be tried under the new law that says you cannot possess any items designed to train fighting dogs.  Items like heavy chains,dog treadmills, anabolic steroids or anything that announces or promotes fights.

On Wednesday, SPCA officials with local police were pulling a raid on a home where the training and fighting of dogs was allegedly taking place.  Similar items to those described above, and many other things were found, along with several dogs.

10.18.15 - fighting1

There were five adult pit bulls and seven pit bull puppies rescued from the property as well.  The adult dogs showed wounds and scars that are usually associated with dog fighting.

All 12 of the dogs were taken in form medical evaluations, and received treatment for any immediate concerns.  The will have a short stay at the shelter for the time being.  Eventually the shelter they’re residing at would like to see all of the dogs get to a good, forever home with a loving family.

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254 thoughts on “Charges Filed Against Two People Tied to Dog Fighting”

  1. I pray with all my heart to Jesus Christ and God Almighty not that folks like this go straight to hell but that Jesus and God will open their eyes and heart to make them really see what they have done. If he does this they may go mad with the realization that they have taken a loving creation from God that only wants to give love and be loved.

  2. I’m hoping that laws change and animal cruelty gets maximum sentence 25 to life no parole. I’m hoping to adopt a former fighting pit bull to train as service dog sometime. Wish I could take a couple of the dogs.


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