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Chascon, a Stray Chilean Dog Finds Forever Home in Utah

by Katherine

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A dirty and matted dog was found roaming the streets in Puente Alto, Chile, and a local rescue group saved him from living the rest of his life abandoned and alone. The rescue organization wanted to offer him a better life, maybe a loving home in Chile, but they never imagined the little stray would go from being homeless and unwanted, to loved and spoiled on American soil.

Chascon, as he is known in Chile, is a curly hair dog who captured the heart of Ivonne Chesley, an American resident, who is adopting the pet and bringing him to live in Utah.



When the canine was rescued, the rescue group posted pictures of him on Facebook and asked followers to help find him a forever home. Within seven days Chascon’s life changed. Chesley saw his picture and fell in love with him. She knew she had to adopt the dog.

“I saw his picture and immediately said, “this is the dog I want,'” Chesley told Chilevision, “but then when I saw pictures of him bathed and with his new haircut I definitely knew I had to have him.”

The Utah resident is a Chilean national who has lived in America for the past 10 years. She is married, has three children and another dog that looks very similar to the Chilean stray.

Chesley says her house is not big but it is conditioned to house more than one pet.

“We have a large backyard, the dog will be an indoor dog, and he will play outside with the kids,” said Chesley. “I told my husband the only thing we need now is a doggy door.”

The soon-to-be U.S. canine resident is getting ready for his trip abroad. He is under the care of veterinarians and they are making sure the formerly stray dog is healthy, neutered, and up to date on all his vaccines.

Chascon is not only getting a new life, he is also getting a name change. Once he is on American soil he will be called Eros after the Greek God of love.

Best of luck to Chascon, the once homeless dog, who will soon live the American dream.