Dog’s Funny Reaction to Squirrel

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Most dogs get ready to run and hunt down any squirrel whenever they spot one. If the pet is inside a home or car, the canine probably focuses on the squirrel, barks, and follows it with its eyes. Chances are your dog does not react the same way Rocco does.

Rocco is Meaghan Griffin’s Springer Spaniel and he just loves squirrels. The dog has a special sound – howling maybe we can call it a cry – he does whenever he spots a squirrel and can’t chase after it.

Griffin recorded her pet’s reaction and uploaded it to YouTube. Watch it and laugh at how Rocco reacts.


3 thoughts on “Dog’s Funny Reaction to Squirrel”

  1. OMGOsh….I could swear that dog has a voice box. He/she is sooo beautiful…I would have had to have gotten back there to comfort him. That noise scared my two fur girls…they were running around trying to figure out where that bark was coming from.

  2. LOLOLOL! that one super high note LOL This is the funniest thing I’ve seen for a long time, I have tears in my eyes.


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