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Curious Dog Gets Head Stuck in Decorative Concrete Wall

by Katherine

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On April 20, 2014,  Shelley Jones from Gedling, Nottingham, was out in her garden talking to her next door neighbor, and Sunny, a nine-year-old Golden retriever was also in the yard greeting the neighbor’s new Beagle puppy. The relaxing Sunday morning suddenly turned into a rescue mission when Sunny got her head stuck in the decorative concrete wall separating both yards.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Jones told The Telegraph. “I was out in the garden and my neighbor was there. We were just chatting. But next door’s new beagle puppy was out for the first time and I thought Sunny might want to jump up [and] not put her head through the wall.”

Photo Credit: Newsteam
Photo Credit: Newsteam


Surprisingly, the Golden retriever wedged her head through the gap attempting to get closer to the puppy and in the end, got stuck in the wall.

Jones called her brother, a contractor, to try to free the pet, but after failed attempts, the dog owner decided to call firefighters for help.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service arrived at the home and spent 20 minutes freeing the pet.

“The firefighters were amazing. They put a sheet over Sunny’s head to stop the debris going over her and then one of them sat with her while they cut her out,” said Jones.

Throughout the ordeal Sunny remained calm. After regaining her freedom the dog rested for quite some time. She did not suffer any injuries and by now she is back playing and being her usual active self.

As for the decorative wall, most of it had to come down. The yards are temporarily separated by plywood and we hope a pet-friendly fence replaces the wall soon.