Cherished pet stolen in robbery

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A California woman is distraught since coming home to find that not only had she had been robbed, but her beloved dog was missing.  Daisy is a six year old english bulldog who belongs to Shelly Fleeman, and she is like a child to her.  Fleeman came home on her lunch break to find unusual tire tracks in the driveway and the front and side doors to the house wide open. There was no sign of Daisy.

An emotional Fleeman said that Daisy loves to go for car rides and she probably thought that’s what was happening when the thieves took her.   Laura Barella, who also lives in the home said “She’s like a baby, she’s a baby,” fighting back tears for the dog who she has helped raise since she was a pup.

In addition to Daisy, the family lost about $6500 worth of goods, including T.V.’s, X boxes, iPods, and jewellery.  But all they really care about is finding their beloved pooch.  The crime is unusual for this normally quiet community, and one neighbour said “It’s just crazy that nobody saw who it was, because there’s a lot of people home, and three out of the five neighbours are home all day.”

Daisy’s family is desperately searching, posting flyers, and even trying an ad on Craigslist in an effort to get her back.  Anyone with information should call the Clovis Police Department.

2 thoughts on “Cherished pet stolen in robbery”

  1. I am so sick of this!!! Low life’s stealing people’s beloved animals. It just makes me so mad! POS’s!

    How could they do this to this family. I dearly hope that Daisy is found, returned, discovered, whatever it takes to get this puppy back to her owners.

    We have to look out for each other in our neighborhoods and stop hiding behind closed doors. Criminals are getting bolder and bolder as the economy gets worse and nothing, I mean nothing is beyond their depraved behavior! I mean how can we protect ourselves from these parasites of society! We only have our neighbors to depend on but we have to be vigilant.

    So many amazing stories lately of animals found and returned. Please don’t lose hope for Daisy’s return. Don’t stop looking for her. Someone has to know something!

  2. Prayers going out for Daisy’s safe return. If you have to be a low life and rob people’s homes fine, but to take their pet is horrible. Even if you think a dog will attack, bring it a steak or something. No need to take them. These shitbags got $6500 worth of stuff, but just had to take the dog. There’s a special spot in hell for them.


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