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Dog Rescue needs help to repair facility after storm wreaks havoc


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main photoA big storm has handed a walloping repair bill to You Luck Dog, an animal rescue group in Oregon.  The groups founder and president, Jane Huth, went to the facility at 1:30 in the morning after the storm hit to survey the damage.  “I saw water creeping toward the kennels and I knew I had to do something fast,” she said.

She immediately built a dam to keep watching from encroaching on the kennels of the three dogs currently residing at the rescue, and all of them were found to be safe and dry.  There was however significant damage and lots of cleanup to do when the weather cleared.  Fortunately insurance did cover the cost of the cleanup from the city sewer drain to backing up into the facility, but it will not cover replacing the drywall and flooring.  The bill for that is around $1500.  “Our annual operating budget is only about $2,000,” Ms. Huth said. “This is really a huge hit for us because we are not very big.”

Huth started the non profit rescue 11 years ago, and thought they are small they have rescued 550 dogs since then, and they rely solely on donations to survive.  “You Lucky Dog is probably the smallest-scale transfer partner that we have — they typically have around four dogs at a time — but they have been very prolific in taking dogs from us over the past two years,” Lucas County Dog Warden Julie Lyle said.

Screen Shot 2013 01 24 at 12.25.50 PMThose interested in helping make a tax-deductible donation to help the rescue group can mail it to You Lucky Dog, 1510 Blandin St., Oregon, OH 43616.  Donations can also be made through the website You Lucky Dog or contact Tanya Irwin at:[email protected] 419-724-6066 and help them keep doing this amazing work to save our canine friends.