Chewing Gum Sends Dogs to ER

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9-year-old Riley and 2-year-old Piper gave their family a serious scare after a gum chewing episode nearly took their lives.

Craig and Milissa Mill said they returned home after a couple of hours spent running errands to find Orbit Sugar-Free Gum wrappers all over the floor. Having recently read an article regarding the toxicity of Xylitol, the Denver couple wasted no time getting their Schnauzers to the vet, a move that may have saved their lives.

“If we hadn’t read this just a few months ago, we might not have thought anything of it,” Milissa Mills said. “We could have two dead dogs on our hands, which we are very fortunate not to.”

Numerous candies, mints, sugar-free gums, toothpastes, chewable vitamins and other foods contain the sugar alcohol sweetener Xylitol, a commonly used sugar subsitute. While safe for human consumption, Xylitol causes a surge of insulin in dogs, often resulting in hypoglycemia, which can lead to liver failure.

Symptoms to watch for in case of suspected Xylitol consumption are: collapse, seizures, or a loss of coordination.

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18 thoughts on “Chewing Gum Sends Dogs to ER”

  1. Thats correct keep that sugarless bubblegum out of the reach of the dogs and cats its a killer for sure. it attacks the liver I know!

  2. Thank God their people read and remember. The first time I heard about this was from a post on the Rolling Dog Ranch blog several years ago. Same situation—doxie at gum and Alayne remembered reading about xylitol. Her knowledge and quick action saved the dog.

  3. @Steve: that’s how some folks “write” when they want it to look like their pet is doing the “writing.” I don’t know Kingfish Mayo but I’m assuming he/she is the dog in the photo. I don’t mind when people set up FB accounts for their pets; in fact many of my friends do that and it’s fun & cute. 🙂 But I find it very annoying when people write/spell in such a terribly hard-to-read way. They may think that’s fun & cute, but it’s NOT. 🙁 Nothing wrong w/ creating a persona for you pet, folks, just please don’t make the pet write like a 1st grader. Thanks. Peace.


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