Church Bell Serenade

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Patch composes beautiful music for the enjoyment of dog lovers…

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13 thoughts on “Church Bell Serenade”

  1. Hahaha Bodo does this too. And I’m living next to a church hahaha. I will male a video tomorrow or so and post the link here for you guys.

  2. LOL… cute! My GSD didn’t know what to think! Came into the room and tilted her head to one side…So funny!

  3. I just watched this and Chester sat up on the sofa and looked at me with concern (not for me, but for the singing dog, of course). Then I started woo-woo-ing along, and his expression changed to one of disgust, he turned around and laid back down.

  4. While I though Patch’s voice was just lovely, my dog Simon was disturbed by it. Kind of like when I was in college and taking Liberal Arts Math. We studied fractals and fractal music. The fractal music really freaked out my dogs.


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