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Chilean Dog Gorda Bella Receives Medical Attention

by Katherine

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Only July 26 we told you about the Chilean dog that was revived by firefighter David Bravo after been found unconscious inside a burning home.  After some health complications, the dog named Gorda Bella, was taken to local veterinarian hospital by Corporacion Union de Amigos de los Animales (UAA). Don’t worry, she is doing well and is expected to fully recover.

Photo Credit: UAA/Facebook
Photo Credit: UAA/Facebook

We know that after revived Gorda Bella spent a few days at a neighbor’s house getting better. She had burn lesions throughout her body, suffered from stress, smoke inhalation, and was in state of shock.

With the help of the community, UAA is treating her injuries. The Chilean community pulled together and has send donations (money, medicine and medical supplies) to help Gorda Bella get better soon.

On UAA’s Facebook page, the staff informed the community that Gorda Bella is still depressed but her medical condition has improved. The dog is walking on her own and drinking water, but her lungs still show some smoke inhalation damage. Days later the clinic posted saying the dog has barked and has started eating solids.

Gorda Bella’s family and her heroic firefighter have visited her at the clinic. These visits have helped her heal faster.

Because UAA works with public donations they still need help (monetary and medical supplies) to assist Gorda Bella. The clinic urges the public to help pay for Gorda Bella’s treatment or to send in medicines themselves.

If you are interested in donating to help Gorda Bella or any other animal UAA takes care of, you can contact them directly via email [email protected] and ask how you can help.