Retired Blind Military Dog Gets a New Lease on Life

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Asur, a former U.S. Marines bomb-sniffing dog, lost his eyes due to the chemicals used in the bombs he sniffed. He worked in Afghanistan, but after a year serving his country, he became disabled and was forced to retire.

130730-AsurToday Asur lives in Nevada and with the help of his loving owners, Hounds and Heroes founders Bonnie-Jill and Ross Laflin, the dog is learning to be a normal pet like any other.

Hounds and Heroes is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to lift the spirits and morale of our active, wounded, and veteran military troops worldwide. It was founded by Bonnie-Jill Laflin to increase community awareness, education and involvement about the cruelty to animals and necessary care animals receive through rescue, foster, and adoption.

Laflin and her husband are helping Asur adjust to his new life. The canine veteran used to have an active and dangerous life, but now his life has transitioned into a peaceful, safe, and couch-potato-like life.

“You go from military working environment, in kennels and Humvees, he’s all over the place and now he’s turned into somewhat of a couch potato,” Laflin told KOLO8 News Now.

“He is a protection breed and he’s used to biting and tugging and playing,” said Purina dog trainer Melissa Heeter. “We’ve got to find new ways to show him that he can still be a dog and have a fulfilling life.”

The Laflin family has become Asur’s eyes. With the help of professional trainers they are teaching the blind canine veteran how to interact with other dogs and people and he even has to re-learning how to do simple tasks as walking down a trail.

“He has given his life basically to the United States and now we’re giving back to him,” said Heeter.

The veteran hero dog is expected to readjust to his new life and enjoy happiness and safe living the rest of his days.