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China’s New Lions Bark!

by Katherine

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Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

A Zoo in Luohe, China, replaced its African lions with Tibetan Mastiff dogs.

The discovery was made by a visiting mom who thought it was weird that barks were coming from the lions’ den.

“The zoo was tricking us,” said the mother. “They are showing us dogs as if they are lions.”

The Zoo charges visitors 15 Yuans – approximately $2.45, to see the lion impersonators. The public is outraged and demands answers.

According to an employee, the real lions are temporarily visiting another zoo because they are mating.

Another employee gave visitors an outrageous excuse saying the dogs have grown with the lions so having them in the den was just natural.

Authorities declared that Luohe’s zoo never received the proper license to operate or to charge an admission fee. Yu Hua, Zoo administrator, said the facility is under private management and the company only makes enough money to pay employees. He promised all signs will be corrected to honestly describe the animals in display.

We must admit that a barking lion must have been a cute scene to see, nevertheless, keeping animals in cages is cruel. Animal lovers across the world hope all animals’ lives are respected. Lions should be free in their natural habitats and dogs happily loved and cared for in their homes. No matter how closely they resemble an exotic, wild animal.