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Coast Guards Rescue Dog Trapped for Three Days

by Katherine

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On Jan. 13, 2014, rescuers from Valentia Island, Ireland, saved Shandon, a 2.5-year-old Beagle, who spent three days trapped in a 12ft deep crevice.

Shandon, another dog, and their 69-year-old owner, David O’Connor, went out for a walk near a cliff when the mischievous canine ran after a herd of wild goats. On his pursuit, the dog got stuck in between the cliff’s rocks.

Pat O'Driscoll poses with Shandon. Photo Credit: AHAR
Pat O’Driscoll poses with Shandon. Photo Credit: AHAR


The pet owner could hear his dog howling but he could not locate him anywhere on the cliff.

Desperate, O’Connor called his friend, Bobby Burton, and both men tried to find Shandon. Their search lasted two days and then Burton decided to contact Suzanne Gibbons from Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR).

Gibbons knew professional help would be needed to retrieve the dog. She contacted several organizations but was told they only assisted on human rescues.

Discouraged, Gibbons took on the rescue herself. She called Coast Guards and inform them of what she was going to do.

“I stopped in Killorglin and bought a huge coil of rope,” Gibbons posted on AHAR’s Facebook page. “I was going down after him no matter what.  I told the coast guard I was going to tie the rope to the bull bar of the jeep and be lowered down, and they could help me or not.”

Soon after, Pat O’Driscoll of the Knightstown Coast Guard Unit answered Gibbons call. He enlisted other volunteers who joined the rescue mission. The Valentia Island lifeboat also joined and guided rescuers until Shandon was found inside a 12 ft. crevice.

“They never gave up until we found him,” said Gibbons. “We all started crying and cheering the boys on as they climbed in to rescue him.”

David O'Connor and his dog. Photo Credit: AHAR
David O’Connor and his dog. Photo Credit: AHAR


The curious dog spent three lonely nights in between the cliff’s rocks. Fortunately, there was enough water to last 14 days where the canine had fallen.

After O’Connor was reunited with his dog, they went home. Shandon ate a nice big diner and got a warm bath. He was also told he is not allowed to roam free along the island anymore.