Homeless Dog Found with Leg Caught in Metal Trap

by Katherine

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Many cities across the world have an out-of-control problem with homeless pets. Houston is one of many cities where millions of dogs live on the streets, fend for themselves, and hope someone will rescue and help them live a better life.

Less than a day ago, a black Labrador named Lucas, was found by volunteers from Melrose Park Neglected Dogs outside an adjacent church to the park, were many abandoned animals are fed and rescued by the organization.

What was unusual about this homeless dog was that one of his front legs was caught in metal trap similar to a bear trap.

Photo Credit: Melrose Park Neglected Dogs
Photo Credit: Melrose Park Neglected Dogs


“[On Jan. 20, 2014,] Daryl drove by and saw Lucas behind the church hopping up and down, and because it’s fenced he thought he was playing,” posted Melrose Park Neglected Dogs. “Later this morning De went and found Lucas by the front gate with trap on his paw.”

For years, volunteers have been feeding the abandoned dogs left behind in this city park and surrounding businesses while they locate rescues, foster homes, or possible adoptive families to take in these innocent pets. Never before, had they come across such cruelty.

Photo Credit: Melrose Park Neglected Dogs
Photo Credit: Melrose Park Neglected Dogs

The black Labrador had been spotted by volunteers a few weeks back, and on Jan. 18, 2014, volunteer feeders found a collar with ID tags that correspond to a black Labrador named Lucas.

Melrose Park Neglected Dogs contacted the vet listed on the tags, and they were connected with the pet owner’s phone number associated with the tags. Unfortunately, this phone number was disconnected.

When the rescue group found the injured dog with the trap they immediately took him in.

“It took an army but Lucas is safe within AARF Houston and they have him at the vet,” posted the rescue group. “The trap may not be a bear trap, but it is a trap and he’s lucky he didn’t break or chew off his foot.”

Animal lovers are asking the community to step up and help Lucas. He currently needs a foster home to help him heal from his injury. The Labrador has never shown any aggression with other dogs at the park. If a foster home is not found, Lucas will need to be boarded at a cost of $52 a night.

If you would like to make a donation to help cover Lucas’s medical and boarding costs you can donate online.

Melrose Park Neglected Dogs will also like to find the person(s) responsible for this cruel act. If you have any information or if you would like to help the organization, contact them directly.