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Half Starved Dog Rescued in Hawk Island Park Is on Road to Recovery

by Katherine

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On July 24, 2014, a half starved, female, mastiff dog was rescued from Hawk Island Park in Lansing, Mich., after the dog was spotted by early morning walkers. Ingham County Animal Control rescued the pet and with the help of the community, the once abandoned and emaciated dog is now on her road to recovery.

Photo Credit: WLNS
Photo Credit: WLNS

An elderly couple found the dog sleeping under a park cabana and due to the dog’s scrawny body and¬†fearing she was severely sick, the couple reported the abandoned pet to park employees.

Tim Robins, a park attendant went to the dog’s aid and couldn’t believe the state he found the dog in.

“This dog hadn’t eaten for months, or ate very little over a couple of months at least,” Roberts told WLNS.

A healthy mastiff should weight over 100 pounds, but the emaciated dog, was a walking skeleton weighing just 41 pounds.

Rescuers named her Skinny Minnie and described her as a sweet, calm, and happy dog. The mastiff has gained more than 20 pounds since rescued, and continues to thrive under the care of Ingham County Animal Control.

Animal cruelty investigators are searching for Skinny Minnie’s previous owners and abusers. There are no leads yet, but anyone with information is encouraged to call 517-676-8376. Thanks to Lansing’s dog lover community, a $750 reward is being offered to anyone with legitimate information that leads to an arrest.

Learn more about Skinny Minnie by contacting the Ingham County Animal Control facility at (517) 676-8370 or visiting their Facebook.