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Mexican Dog Survives Machete Attack and Enjoys New Life in Canada

by Katherine

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When Hule, a Cocker Spaniel, endured a machete attack by her drunken owner, no one expected the dog to survive, let alone to move from Bonfil, Mexico, to Angus, Canada, and live a happy, healthy life. Yet, this is just how Hule’s luck turned and she went from unloved and abused, to cherished pet in a new forever home.

Photo Credit: Hule Spaniel/Facebook
Photo Credit: Hule Spaniel/Facebook

Last year, Hule’s 21-year-old owner got drunk after his wife picked up and left him. While under the influence he was infuriated and took his rage out on the poor dog. Grabbing a machete, he swung the blade and lacerated Hule’s head. He then dumped the dog in the front yard and left her there to die a slow painful death.

Luckily, a Cats and Dogs International (CANDi) animal clinic volunteer learned about Hule and rescued her. She was rushed to local Mexican veterinarians who performed a complicated surgery saving her life. The machete attack, however, left Hule without her left eye and unable to walk. She needed lots of rehabilitation in order to get back to her normal self.

After Hule’s life-saving surgery CANDi flew the canine to Toronto for rehabilitation. There, she re-gained her strength, re-learn how to walk, to run, and to play like any normal dog.

Hule’s story was picked up by different Canadian papers, that’s how Joshua Moulton and Kristin Sowerby learned about the dog and fell in love with her.

“[On an article,] there was a number to call for more information,” Sowerby told The Scene. “Josh called to find out exactly what had happened and if [Hule] was available for adoption. We were playing around with the idea of getting another dog. We had two at the time and a cat, and one of our dogs was older. So we were thinking of waiting until he passed on and then get another one, but she just came a little earlier than expected and we ended up adopting her.”

Thanks to CANDi, Hule is a normal dog full of energy and love. Today, she shows no signs of the abuse she suffered. You would never think, this playful dog was near death and overcame unimaginable physical and mental disabilities.

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