Connecticut House Bans Dog Breed Bans

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In a unanimous decision, the Connecticut House of Representatives voted 142-0 on Tuesday to ban breed specific legislation.

Legislation to allow municipalities to ban specific breeds had been moving through the General Assembly until it was slapped down by the House.  Opponents to this kind of ordinance say this leads to unfair discrimination of bully breeds with good temperaments, which only hurts good families who love them.

The Humane Society of the United States has testified against breed specific legislation, citing that it does not offer more public protection or reduce the number of dog bites.  BSL leads to bully breeds being dropped off at shelters that are no longer able to adopt them out.  In addition, cruel dog-fighters will give little regard to such laws, as they are already ignoring current laws prohibiting them from dog-fighting in the first place.

The bill will now be up for a vote by the Senate.

0 thoughts on “Connecticut House Bans Dog Breed Bans”

  1. About time. A dog only knows what the owner teaches it and tries to please them, unless they have had a bad experience at no fault of their own.
    What about the Breeders and those that enjoy training them to fight? Ban people like this and put them in the same position as the dogs.

  2. arm e you dumb ass people going to wake dogs are not mean when they are born people make animals mean.teach your dog with love and respect and you will never have problem.ive had wolfs for 25 yrs and never had a problem.whats up with that duh…

  3. People not dogs are the problem. Neutering and Spaying the dog is the best thing for the animal to guard against future health problems and help with overbreeding and inbreeding. Too bad cant do that with some humans.
    It is how you treat an animal. They react and don’t act like humans. Outside stimulus is so critical from puppy hood to adult status. They are still an animal and the way they are treated and trained can mean so much to their behavior. Humans are supposed to be in domain and above them, but in many cases do not have the same intelligence the animal does. Weed these out and solve most of the problem.


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