Connecticut Proposes Bill to Ban Breed Specific Legislation

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Two years ago when a pit bull attacked another dog in Dunbar Hill, CT, residents banded together to urge officials to ban the breed from their streets.  But the state has opted not to take such a drastic measure and instead has introduced a bill that would prohibit municipalities from breed specific legislation.

State Representative Diana Urban proposed the bill at the Planning and Development Committee public hearing held last week.

“The whole idea behind it is vilifying, it is uneducated and unnecessary,” she said.  “Some states like Ohio and Florida will try to take a family pet away because they are a certain breed such as Staffordshire terrier, German shepherd or Rottweiler.  You hear it so often but it bears repeating:  it’s not the dog, it’s the owner.  Some people will breed the dog to be aggressive, but even those dogs when removed and put into a family environment will thrive.”

Urban has a pit bull that was rescued from Ohio.  She is regularly around children and has never shown aggression.

“In Ohio she is labeled a dangerous dog because she is a pit bull mix — it boggles the mind,” Urban said. “It’s like saying because I am blonde, I’m stupid.  I’m not saying a dog can’t be labeled as dangerous, but its breed can’t be the criteria.”

Racquel Trapp, Angel Capone Pit Bull Rescue Director, has worked with nearly a thousand pit bulls over the last two years, and knows many “facts” that BSL advocates tout are myths.

“I have yet to meet an aggressive one,” she said. “I have been attacked by an Akita, a Chihuahua, and a Yorkie but have yet to be attacked by a pit bull.”

She believes banning certain breeds would only take them away from responsible owners and spurn a black market for breeders that would create dogs who live up to the stereotypes.  After all, criminals who turn sweet dogs into fighters are highly unlikely to follow a breed ban, anyway.

Trapp cites the American Temperament Society’s breed aggression statistics.  The American pit bull terrier and the Staffordshire terrier rate higher than many other breeds, and are within the same range as golden and Labrador retrievers, which are often viewed as family-friendly dogs.

She also says that according to a 2010 study conducted by the National Canine Research Council, in order to prevent just one hospitalization from a dog bite, a municipality would have to ban more than 100,000 of the targeted dogs.

“Dog-bite related fatalities are so extremely rare that not even a state could ban enough dogs to insure that they had prevented even one,” Trapp said.  “Both history, scientific study and common sense will tell you such a law is ineffective, unjust, and will likely backfire.”

Despite seeing stories about dogs mauling both humans and other dogs, readers must consider that for every one dog that attacks with its teeth, there are thousands, if not millions, that only attack with their tongues.


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11 thoughts on “Connecticut Proposes Bill to Ban Breed Specific Legislation”

  1. What a biased, dangerous article. So far in 2013, pitbulls are responsible for all dog attack deaths. Two toddlers, two elderly….this fairy tale completely devalues these human beings torn apart by pitbulls. Shame, shame.

  2. In a span of 39 days this year there has been 4 fatal dog attacks. In all 4 of these horrific deaths the Pit Bull type dog has been the killer. That averages out to be “1 life lost every 10 days by a pit bull” attack. 2 of these deaths where Seniors killed by their family dogs. The other 2 were young Children. These dogs are killing they are not guarding or protecting . They are killing little Children or members of the family.

  3. Collies were bred to herd. Labs were bred to retrieve. Pitbulls were bred to fight. I agree with the people who say “it is the owner, not the dog” ONLY in relation to pitbull attacks on humans. However when a pitbull attacks another dog it is simply doing what it was bred to do. Hence they are inherently dangerous to other dogs, and should be muzzled when in public and owners subject to stiff licensure fees. To protect other dogs, not people. The pitbull apologists always ignore that angle.

    • You must be referring to the Olde English Bulldog, which was used(not bred), to fight bulls. When that became illegal, the lower class(white trash) starting pinning them against other dogs. The dogs that you claim were “bred to attack other dogs” were not American Pit Bull Terriers. Ive had my “pitbull” since she was 6 weeks old and has not only been attacked by a weimaraner and shepard mix at the same time and didnt murder them, she walked up and licked their faces after the fact.

      You should try knowing what you’re talking about before you open your ignorant mouth.

  4. Not all pitbulls were bred to fight. People can’t seem to get that out of their heads. They were bred for bull baiting, later on when that became illegal they started fighting them with other dogs. That too was illegal. Not all pitbulls were bred to fight. If you interview a few dog fighters, you will hear how many pits they have dumped or horribly killed because they refuse to fight. People tend to forget that there are millions of pitbulls out there. If they were so dangerous, millions of people and pets would be dead.

    Everyone seems to forget that there are many other dog breeds that have been bred for fighting. No one seems to point a finger at them, why? Because they aren’t so popular. So they don’t fall in the wrong hands. Look at the Tosa inu, they are still used today for fighting today in Japan. Bull terriers have an extra set of teeth. There are other breeds like the Bandog, Bully Kuta, Presa Canario, Caucasian Ovcharka, American bulldogs and they even tend to use Jack Russels for the bloody sport. Pitbulls are by far the most popular because they are easy to get, extremely loyal and eager to please. That’s why dog fighters use pits because they will give their lives up for their owners. (Not saying other dogs won’t do that)

    Pitbull owners are all aware of the fact that their dog might be dog aggressive. That’s why the responsible owners socialize their dogs. I am pro muzzling all dogs. Why? Because all dogs have teeth and can bite. Some can do more damage than others. For me, the bigger the dog the more damage it can do. People tend to think that pitbulls are made out of steel. They do not always win dog fights against other breeds, especially bigger dog breeds like rottweilers.

    I don’t judge dogs by their breed, just like I don’t judge people by their skin color. I am pro muzzling and leashing all dogs when they are out in public. I find it sad how guardians of children are now being vilified and banned.

  5. I have. Raised. Pitt bulls. And. If you make
    Them a member. Of. You’re family
    There’s know way they would hurt any onei
    It’s very sad that the Pitt bull. When they
    Are first born. They don’t even know they
    Lock their jaws. So if you don’t Handel
    The. Dog with some firm. Of. Manners
    You will have a pet that will be surprised
    He. Can lock. His jaws. Does anyone know
    How to break there jaws. ? If. You. Don’t
    You are running with a loaded weapon
    And that’s why. They have a bad rap
    Learn. About the breed i. Love. The dogs
    The ones who stick them on a log chain
    Slide there food to them. Is wrong they
    Need your love too. :).
    I’m a believer of. The dog. <3

  6. Pitbulls were NOT bred to fight animals. its ignorance like that that keeps the breed in trouble.
    Pitbulls DO NOT have lock jaw. it is a myth.
    My dogs have never ever gone after any animal or child, adults either for that matter.
    I have 3, who live very happily together.

    Responsible pittie owners know that the day will come when laws tighten up a bit. We are almost always walking our dogs on leashes. I personally don’t believe in dog parks. its setting things up for a bad scenario. not because I am afraid of my dog initiating anything, but for the owners who believe that play means bitting and rough housing instead of running and tumbling. my dogs have been jumped on and bit by many other dogs on retractable leashes. worst invention EVER!

    Most of the media and untrained eyes always pin issues on pitbulls. it is unfortunate. many times the dog only looks like one, in reality it is part mastiff, bull dog, part boxer… and so on. owners should be held responsible 100% for the actions of their dogs.

    when did protecting their families was NOT part of the “job”

  7. My dog is a staffy another name for a pitbull she is my life and if connecticut bans these dogs I might as well move to the middleeast and I am American Irish polish English 67 yers old. I have done every thing to do right by my dog and public. She is registered spayed and stays in my home. I live in a nice area. Older people love these dogs also. You might as well have us ban too because we are not going to let you take our animals without dying. This is so stupid. My granddaughter got bite by a poodle, lets ban them, my grandson biite by a small terrier. My older granddaughter bite by a collie. When my son was little he was bite by a mute. Come on people ban the bad owners not the dogs. We have become a country of Big Babies. Serial Killers are on death row. We do not have a death penality anymore. but ban dogs, give it up. I will fight this until I cannot fight again. If my dog is banned I will ban every dog in connecticut and I will do this. Make you jerks feel bad also. There is a God and He hates ugly.


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