Construction Worker Rescues Dying Dog from Dumpster

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A beaten Kansas City dog left in a pet carrier and thrown in a dumpster like trash has been rescued and is recovering.

A construction worker discovered the Shih Tzu in the dumpster near ACE (Afrikan Centered Education) Academy.

The carrier was pretty large. It would take up quite a bit of space inside the dumpster so that may have been what caught their eye. But fortunately, they did look in there and got him out and now we are monitoring him,” said Tori Fugate, Manager of Marketing and Development with the KC Pet Project. “When he came in he was very still. His injury to his head was causing him to just… he was just very, very still when he got here.”

The construction workers called the little fighter Ace.

Ragan Hoelzel at KC Pet Project helps treat Ace.
Ragan Hoelzel at KC Pet Project helps treat Ace.


It was believed that Ace may have been shot in the head, but X-rays did not show a bullet.

Ace has a skull fracture and puncture. He is getting oxygen and meds to keep his brain from swelling,” said a representative from the Emergency Hospital Vet.

On Sunday, the two-year-old dog began showing an interest in food, and is opening his eyes. It is believed he will make a near-full recovery.

He will hopefully bounce back from this and he may have some neurological damage, but we really won’t know until a later date,” Fugate said.

Ace was taken in to a foster home on Monday, where he will likely stay for the duration of his recovery period. Applications for his adoption are already stacking up, but it is too early for him to permanently placed.

If you would like to help fund Ace’s recovery, please visit KC Pet Project.






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  1. @ Dusty – how inappropriate and rude. The area of town doesn’t necessarily mean a particular race. Haters such as yourself often do things like this to set a stage. Then they can claim race. This demon that did this could be white, asian, black, indian, european; man or woman, adult or kid; dogfighter or dog hater. Who knows? As I implied above, if the neighborhood is primarily black, could be a racist looking to cause problems – someone not black, looking for and excuse to say a black person do this. I don’t want to start a racial issue on this post. So just be nice and let’s concentrate on th point here.
    Ace didn’t deserve this cruel punishment. I pray he makes a full recovery if nothing else just to spite the demon(s) who did this to him. I have a fur baby of the same breed. They are sweet, sweet babies. CARRY ON, ACE! You have much love to gather and laps to sleep in!

  2. Dusty, dont jump to conclusions, as a black person who works tirelessly fundraising for animal rescue and shelter, i take offence to your assumption. I wish the very best for little Ace’s recovery .

  3. The people who did this are just evil! Who beats and throws their family dog into a dumpster to die by starvation or being crushed by the garbage truck???? I pray that Karma comes back and gets you for what you did to this poor dog! I rescued to kittens’ from a garbage dumpster over 20 years ago… lived to be 19 and the other 20 years old. They were the most loving cats ever!!! So glad God put me there that day to save them!!!!
    God bless the man who found this darling dog…I hope she makes a full recovery!


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