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Cop Breaks into Parked Truck to Save Dog

by Katherine

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All responsible pet owners know not to leave his or her loved four-legged best friend inside a parked car during summer days. Cracking the windows does nothing to alleviate the rising temperature inside a car, yet more often than not, many pets are left inside hot cars and unfortunately die.

On June 15, 2014, heroic Police Officer Peter Lown from Wrentham, Mass., broke into a parked truck outside a Wrentham Mall parking lot to save the life of a dog that had been left locked inside the parked hot car.

Photo Credit: Wrentham Police Department
Photo Credit: Wrentham Police Department


Officer Lown, saved the dog from a certain death. The kind officer gave the pet water and allowed the pet to get some fresh air.

On Facebook, the Wrentham Police Department posted the following message:
DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN THE CAR! Wrentham Police Officer Peter Lown breaks into a truck to rescue a dog left behind at the Wrentham Mall. Officer Lown gave up his own water for the thirsty overheated dog and all ended well. Even when you crack the window and leave water for the dog, the temperature inside the vehicle rises fast, within minutes. Your dog can become sick and die a lot quicker than you think. Leave the dog at home.

Please remember that temperatures inside cars can rise 40 degrees just in one hour. It doesn’t matter if it is a cool summer day. If you love your pet don’t ever leave him or her inside a car.

We are glad this dog was lucky enough to find a Good Samaritan that had his best interest in mind, but the sad reality is that many irresponsible owners risk their pets’ lives in hot cars every summer.

Be smart. If you have to run errands and your dog can’t come inside the establishment you’re going to, leave the pet home.