Couple in Ireland Rescues Paralyzed, Suffering Dog in Peru

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10.24.15 - Couple in Ireland Rescues Paralyzed Dog in Peru2


A 15-second video of a paralyzed dog in Peru has made all the difference in the world for her.  Chiquita’s wheelchair was stolen, so she was forced to drag her hind legs around.  But when Martin and Evgeniya O’Regan Perchikh saw the video, they knew they had to help.  So they started a fundraiser for her medical bills, and now she’s on her way to a home in the US.

This comes from the YouCaring page:


Chiquita is a little disabled dog in Lima, Peru who had her little wheelchair stolen from her and was left to drag her body along the streets.

We live in Ireland and in among many other Facebook posts was a 15 second video of little Chiquita, it struck a chord. This little girl, thousands of miles away from us, needed help. It would have been easy to simply click “Like” and move on but she needed more than a “like,” she needed help and she still needs help. Since then we have been in contact with people involved in the rescue on the ground in Lima.

Chiquita was rescued on September 17th 2015.  She can’t walk – both her back legs are paralysed. As mentioned, she used to have a little wheelchair, she used to be able to “walk,” then it was stolen. What kind of human being steals a wheelchair from a disabled dog, leaving her to try and drag her crumpled little body on the street?

Then some kind, caring people in Lima banded together to rescue little Chiquita. She had been stuck in a very bad neighbourhood, the poor dog is very lucky to still be alive. Peru isn’t North America or Europe. They do not have the funds, they do not have the resources, folks who try to help animals there are overburdened and overwhelmed and they are trying their very best.

Chiquita is now at a vet clinic undergoing treatments and tests and being looked after. She has paralysis of both back legs, a suspected tumour, ehrlichiosis (canine typhus), anemia, otitis (ear condition), scabies/mange and potentially other disease. She needs our help. Vet bills are starting to mount. Right now it is unknown exactly how long Chiquita will need to stay at the vet clinic.  It will be at least three or four weeks though it could be even longer. It all depends on her health. She doesn’t have a home to go to in Peru and she can’t simply be left on the street.

Chiquita will need a loving forever home once she gets better.  It is possible that there is one in the US but that is uncertain at present. But she must first overcome her health issues. Regardless, she can’t be put back out onto the street, a loving home must be found for her. Since her rescue on September 17th the current bill for her care stands at roughly $200, as of September 20th. Every donation, big or small, can make a real difference to her health and well-being.

Chiquita is at the vet clinic Charterhouse in Lima, Peru, under the care of veterinarian Tito Bezada Chavez. There are dedicated, selfless people on the ground there in Lima, animal welfare activists, who are dealing with the day to day issues.  They do not speak English, they are having a really hard time raising funds, and are very limited in their knowledge of English language platforms such as YouCaring.

If anyone is going to donate to any cause, it’s important to try to know who you are donating to, who is running it, who set it up. This is why we want to let people know a little about ourselves. We run, on a voluntary basis, a free reciprocal pet minding website to help owners and their pets here in Ireland – MindMyPet

We are adult students in our mid 30s and early 40s, we have a little Yorkie of our own and we are passionate about animal welfare. We donate to various animal welfare causes when we can. In the past we’ve assisted with the international adoption of a disabled dog from Russia to a rescue in Maryland in the US, on which a news report was done here. Simply put, we love animals. We just wanted to give folks a little information about ourselves. Every single cent will be going towards the vet bill which will be paid directly to the veterinary clinic.


Update – September 27th:  We have been in contact with the vet, Tito Bezada Chavez, at Charterhouse vet clinic in Lima both yesterday and today and Chiquita is coming along well, getting all the care she needs. The vet plans to do x-rays on her hips and back legs to try and find out why exactly she cannot walk. She is also being treated for her other conditions including canine typhus, otitis (an ear condition) and her skin condition (mange/scabies) She is nice and safe at the vet clinic, in off the dangerous streets of Lima. Chiquita is receiving the love, affection and medical care that she needs. She had what was most likely her first bath ever a few days ago!

Update – October 22nd:  We would like to thank everyone who donated so generously.  We never expected to reach the $800 mark, let alone exceed it! Thank you all very much. The situation on the ground in Peru is fast moving and fluid but fingers crossed Chiquita will be heading to the US……. TODAY!/TOMORROW! (depending on your time zone), on October 22nd! Things have been moving at lightning speed in Lima. Yesterday (Oct.21st) Chiquita was transported from the vets and into the care of a company called Petwings, they help transport dogs to their forever homes abroad, they have a reputation for being excellent in what they do.

Our understanding is that Chiquita is now with Petwings in Lima and will be transported to Lima airport, all going well, today, October 22nd. She then has a very long journey ahead to Boston where she will be met by her new family and from there onto her forever home in Rhode Island : ) This is all happening very fast. Communication between all the different parties is difficult but it looks like it is all finally coming together.  It now appears the rescue in Rhode Island have been able to get the money together to cover Chiquita’s transport.

This leaves us in a bit of an odd situation. We had appealed for funds to help cover Chiquita’s vet bill and if monies remained after doing so we wanted to contribute those funds towards her transportation costs. That has now been covered. Partly out of the pocket of the rescue itself who are still continue to raise funds.

The final vet bill does still need to be paid, the vet agreed to release Chiquita before payment only on the understanding that he would be paid. This was very understanding of him. Hopefully in the future he will also continue to help other dogs facing crises. The vet bill still stands at $130 and will be paid later today, Oct.22nd.

Folks, we were now thinking of using the remaining funds wisely, we were thinking, if it was okay with donors, of dispersing the remaining funds for homeless dogs who need veterinary care, whether it’s sterilisation or more serious issues such as an urgent operation or a stabbing (yes, sadly this happens in Lima). This way we will only pay vet bills directly to a vet on receipt of invoices. And we will post all invoices and money transfer confirmations here publicly. Just as we have to date. There are SO many homeless dogs in Lima who need help.

We hope that this is okay with everyone who donated but if anyone objects we will refund their donation, we will cover any PayPal refund fees from our own pocket. Chiquita is safe, her future is secure and soon she’s on her way to a loving home. How do we best use the funds we now have, funds which were donated for Chiquita’s vet bill – which will be paid today (money transfer confirmation will be posted here) and to help get her to the US (also now sorted out) We’re new to this folks, we’re not professional fundraisers – we just want to do the right thing here.  That is why we think that using the remaining funds to help other dogs in Peru, dogs who haven’t been as lucky as Chiquita in finding a loving home and veterinary care when needed, is the decent thing to do.  If anyone disagrees don’t worry, just message us and we will refund your donation. Thanks again to everyone who helped, your generosity exceeded what we could have ever hoped for.