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Terrified, Overbred Mama Learns to Trust

by Melanie

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Speranza Animal Rescue workers are devoted to getting unwanted, discarded dogs off the street.  Many of them have been abused and are petrified of everyone.  But they know that with time and patience, even the most unlikely candidates prove themselves to be nothing more than big ol’ lovebugs!


10.23.15 - Terrified, Overbred Mama Learns to Trust1


This comes from Speranza’s Facebook page:

I got a call today regarding a dog that had been dumped late last night. …

Sure enough when I arrived, there she was. An overbred mama dog, whose head hung low, and that look of confusion was on her face.

As I went to approach her she would show me her teeth, and let out some growls… however, she wouldn’t leave the spot where she stood – as I’m sure she was waiting there for her owners to return.  I sadly knew they weren’t coming back….

I threw food towards her – but she had no interest… so I picked a spot in the grass and got comfortable. I began talking to her….

I told her stories about some of the previous dogs I had crossed paths with – just like her – and how they are now happy, safe, and loved – whether in a home or at the rescue…

After about 45 minutes of rambling on, she began to get curious.  She started to come circle around the back of me… and I knew right then and there she realized that it was going to be ok….

Welcome to the family, Goldilocks ♡