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Craigslist Helps Reunite Black Lab with Owners

by Katherine

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On Sunday, Feb 16, 2014, a 10-year old black Labrador retriever named Max, from Brighton Township, MI, took off running from his home and ended up falling through thin ice. A neighbor kept the dog afloat while firefighters were called to rescue the pet. A day later, the run-away dog was reunited with his worried owner all thanks to a Craigslist ad.

Edyta Zdziarska learned about her dog’s escapade when her father informed her that while he was shoveling snow the pet had ran off. The pet owners looked for Max, but he was nowhere to be found.

Firefighters rescued Max from a frozen lake in Michigan.
Firefighters rescued Max from a frozen lake in Michigan.


The dog had not been micro chipped and when he ran off the property, he was only wearing a choke collar. Somehow the curious dog ended at Lake Moraine near Pleasant Valley Road and south of Newman Road in Brighton Township, and after walking atop the lake’s frozen surface, he fell into the water.

Lucky for Max, a neighbor saw when the canine plunged into the lake, and he called firefighters. At the same time the witness entered the lake using a floatation device to help the dog while rescuers arrived.

Firefighters pulled the dog from the lake and took him to Towne and Country Animal Hospital to be evaluated and held until his owners were found.

Zdziarska posted a Craigslist ad in search of her pet and within minute she received responses of a dog matching Max’s description being pulled from the lake. However, she was unsure if the pet had been pulled alive.

It wasn’t until the next morning when Zdziarska was reunited with her pet, and she was relieved to learn that Max was not injured. The dog had refused to drink water since being rescued, but he was in good condition.

“I want to thank all the firefighters who pulled him out of the water, and the neighbor.” Zdziarska told Livingston Daily.

Max back home with hiswoners. Photo Credit: Alan Ward/Daily Press&Argus
Max back home with hiswoners. Photo Credit: Alan Ward/Daily Press&Argus


Max loves the water and during the summer time he loves to go swimming in the lake.

Maybe the pet was suffering from cabin fever and wanted to re-live his summer days.

Don’t worry buddy, warmer days are a few weeks away. For now we are glad that the Good Samaritan and local firefighters were able to rescue you and as soon as summer comes along, you’ll be swimming in the lake.